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Seahawks postgame comments: "I’m just trying to make the most of my situation and my opportunity."


(On the chemistry and communication between him and Matt Hasselbeck today) “In camp, early in the season, you’ve got a bunch of guys and the coaches are still trying to find the rotations, still trying to find ways to put guys in position and it just comes from practicing.  We practice and get a lot of reps in one-on-one stuff and that’s the luxury of being with a vet quarterback because they kind of already see the game on both ends.  Sometimes Matt makes adjustments before the defense even makes a move.  Our guys did a good job.  It was a good team effort and I just tried to do my part.”

(On his first touchdown catch of the season) “You know, this technology with these gloves is something else.  Even Charlie (Whitehurst) came over to me after the play, he was like, ‘Man, you caught the back of that one.’  And I was like, ‘I’m just glad I caught it.’  It seems like that first one is always the hardest one to get.  I’m probably the last one in our (receivers) group – we don’t count (Brandon) Stokley because he got here a little late – but I’m the last one in our group to get in there.  It was a good feeling and we just got to keep working hard and try to get there as much as possible.”

(On how hard it was to find a groove on offense) “Sometimes it’s give and take.  Sometimes you go out there and the coordinators bump heads and you got their number early.  Or some plays you get early and sometimes it takes awhile and you’ve got to iron out some things and sometimes you got to call some plays and just take your lumps and you’ll have bigger plays later on.  I think that’s what we did.  We came out early with quick stuff and they were sitting on us and then we tried to go down the field a little bit and they backed up.  Then we’ve got such a luxury with two big-time backs in Marshawn (Lynch) and Justin (Forsett).  Our guys up front, they’re getting a real chemistry with these guys so we’ve just got to continue to work, continue to get better.”

(On what he was doing this time last year) “I don’t know.  It’s funny how things change in the time frame that they change.  I’m blessed and I’m just trying to make the most of my situation and my opportunity.  I give it up for these guys in this locker room whatever happens, I’m happy.”


(On the win today…) It feels really good now.  When you look back and think about how important it was to win, and how bad it would have been to lose.  Going into the game, we didn’t treat it like it was much different; it was just another game.  They’re all big, they’re all important, they’re all championship games, or championship opportunities as Pete would say.  We’re very, very excited to get the win.

(On what it means to sit on top of the NFC West…)   It’s a great start, but as we talk about all the time, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.  The same is true for our game; certainly no different when you talk about the season.  We’re off to a decent start, but there’s a lot of football left.

(On capitalizing on the plays by the defense and special teams…) We didn’t capitalize on red zone opportunities like we need to with touchdowns.  Luckily, Olindo Mare is just automatic; he did a great job, and thanks to a couple of do-overs, but we need to get better in that area.   We’ve sort of been hit or miss.  We started out in the first game of the year against San Fran; we were great in the red zone, great with our efficiency.  I give them some credit to, Billy Davis had a good plan for us. We were really expecting to get one-on-one coverage with  Mike Williams a lot, and they gave us a lot of 2-guys-on-him look, and it took away what we had going, essentially.  We know what to do to get better, and we’ll do that.

(On throwing the ball to a guy and he catches it and keeps going…)  I’m trying not to talk about it too much, because I don’t want people to know.  I think we’re done sneaking up on people with that situation.

(On throwing to Mike Williams so much…) I think after we kept going to him and going to him on both corners, they started putting two guys over there; not always, though.  Not always.  And that’s where I think we can get better.  If anybody leaves him one-on-one, I think we can do better.

(On struggling in the red zone…) I think they had a plan for us in the red zone and it was a little bit different than what we saw them do against other people.  They were a little grabby down there.  I thought there were situations where we should have had a completion, but guys are right on that 5 yard line where they let you play a little bit.  We’ll see the film.

(On whether he is developing a consistent relationship with his receiver corps…) That would be a strong statement I think, but I think it could easily get there and that’s the goal.  If I can get with any of these guys like I was with Darrell or Bobby, that would be awesome.   I think we’ll start rolling, and I think Mike’s off to a great start, but again I like the whole group.  We lost Brandon today for a little bit, and he was a huge part of what we’re doing, and we lost somebody else.  It kind of shrunk some of the stuff that we had thought that we could do.

(On building that relationship with his receivers… ) Pete talks all the time about competition Wednesday, and that’s where we make us; where we compete ones vs. ones, twos vs. twos, we don’t really care about the opponent, it’s an opportunity to make us, similar to what we don on Sundays.  We go through games, tough situations, where you come out of it, you’ve been through the fire, so to speak, with a guy, with a teammate.  We get a little bit of that on Wednesday, we get a lot of it on Sunday.  The more we can do it, the more that relationship just happens.  I think last week was big for myself and Mike Williams, and this week again.  The more we can do it in real-live situations, the quicker it will come.

(On what has surprised him about Mike Williams…) I had heard different things.  He’s a really hard worker.  He’s always at the facility, he’s a smart player and all that, but he really is a hard worker.  He’s probably really tired today, but he stayed in there and, I don’t want to talk too much about it, but I like him.

(On the moment in the third quarter after the second red-zone turnover, was there an attitude change on the sidelines…) I don’t exactly know about the sideline; we’ve been really calm and cool on the sideline all year.   We have a great group of guys.  They were doing something different in the red zone.  We just said ‘ok, now we know what they’re doing’, and we called things differently, but again I don’t know.  There were opportunities there, we just didn’t make it happen.

(On the impact to the offense of losing Russell Okung…)  That’s probably a question for somebody above my head.  We feel for Russ, we know that he’s going to be a great player, but sometimes you just get bad breaks.  I don’t know what his situation is, but the silver lining is that we know that we have guys that can play as backups, that have to do so already.  Tyler came in and did a nice job.

(On the impact of Marshawn Lynch and Mike Williams…) Marshawn’s physical, there’s no doubt about it.  He added a dimension that we didn’t have, necessarily, just in terms of a big back, a power back, that kind of thing.  Mike, there aren’t many guys his size.  They have one, Larry Fitzgerald, there’s guys like Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, there’s guys out there that are that size.  He is that for us.

(On the 14 play drive in the third quarter…) There are certain things that I am more comfortable with, but I’m just one of 11 guys, and when you find that right mix of what we’re good at and what we’re comfortable with, that’s when you start to play better.

(On the bootleg…) I didn’t really think it through.  I was thinking a lot about getting out there, and I got out there, and I didn’t know what to do, so I got the minimum amount of yards.  I could have got more.  We were just milking the clock, and trying to get a first down, and trying to keep them honest.  I’ll probably get some grief.


(On going against Larry Fitzgerald) “It was fun.  You want to get the best people at all times and that’s what I thrive off of, is trying to compete against the best. [I was] just trying to go out there and have some fun.”

(On what the preparation was like going in with the size difference between he and Fitzgerald) “He has really good size, he’s real strong.  But going against Mike Williams at practice really was able to simulate that for me in practice, knowing what I’m going to go against this weekend.”

(On how he got up to speed on that cornerback spot in just a week after Kelly Jennings went down) “I’ve been preparing like I was a starter for the past couple of weeks with the injuries to Marcus (Trufant) and to Kelly, so you never know when your number is going to be called and you have to be ready at all times.”

(On if getting to start makes playing more special)  “It was, to get my first start under my belt and having a good game today.  I just want to get better each week and so that’s my main objective.”


(On the game plan getting to Max Hall) “We pretty much just found our identity out there.  We’re going to stop the run, we’re going to pressure the quarterback and make it hard on him.  I think we executed that the last couple of games and we’ve been victorious when we do it.”

(On if there’s anything the defense can’t handle with the way it’s currently playing) “No, I think the only way we lose is if we beat ourselves.  We just practice all week – they’re doing the same stuff that we’re practicing so we’re doing a good job of scouting and knowing their tendencies.  I just feel like if we execute each week, we’ll come out (with a victory).”

(On Hightower, Wells, and Fitzgerald hurting the Seahawks in the past but not this year) “You definitely know they’re capable.  All those guys are great guys.  Beanie (Wells) runs hard and (Tim) Hightower tries to hit you on the edges and (Larry) Fitzgerald is going to be a Pro-Bowl receiver whether he went off today or not.  So I think we did a good job of bottling them up today.”

(On Walter Thurmond and Earl Thomas stepping up as rookies) “They do awesome.  You couldn’t ask Walter to do more than he’s doing right now.  Kelly (Jennings) went down and he (Thurmond) didn’t even practice that side and all of a sudden he’s out there breaking up passes, bringing energy.  And Earl just all year.  He’s trying to limit his mistakes and he’s making big plays for us and you can tell out there.”


(On how he would grade his performance) “It’s never too good, it’s never too bad as the way you think you played.  I got to wait until I watch film  Overall, I think we played great as a defense.  They only had one little drive on us where we couldn’t really get it going.  We capitalized and we stuck it together and we kept it tight and we got it done.”

(On if the team was more up and down than last week in Chicago) “No, I just think people will probably think that because of the rain and everything but it really didn’t affect us.  We had a lot of energy and we played with a lot of energy.  We played lights out today.”

(On Larry Fitzgerald) “He’s big, man.  He’s a big, thick guy and he’s got good hands.  On film, you’ve got to make a whole game plan off of one guy.  So when he’s out there, he’s always a deep threat and we got to keep our eye on him.”

(On getting the win and first place in the division)  “It feels great.  I came from a winning program and it feels great to be at another winning program.”


(On people maybe thinking the Seahawks got lucky because this Arizona team didn’t bully the Seahawks and Hasselbeck like they used to) “They hit him. They tried to be bullies or whatever.  We’ve got a different team.  Things change.  Look at our division.  Things change.  Just because they might be champions (of the division) three years running, everybody in our division is getting better.  They don’t see that, that’s their fault.  It’s our job not to worry about what everybody else is doing. We do what we do and we get better.  With the new guys we got in, the coach, Pete Carroll – we’re going in the right direction.”

(On how the Seahawks have changed that aspect of their team and are not bullied anymore) “First of all, it starts with Pete (Carroll) and (John) Schneider.  Everybody thought they were crazy when they started making all the moves, even when the season started – all the analysts or whatever.  But they had a clear vision of what they wanted this team to be and the type of guys they wanted in this locker room and you’re starting to see it pay off.  The one thing about us is that we’re still learning each other and we’re winning.”


(On the importance of having the physical aspect in the running game and on the offense) “That starts to wear on a defense late in a game.  You hit them with four (yards).  You come back and hit them with two.  You come back and hit them with eight.  Then later in the game, they turn into 10s and 12s and then you throw Justin (Forsett) in there and give them some little juke moves and it keeps them off their toes.”

(On if it’s frustrating to have some runs called back on penalties) “You know what, that’s the nature of the game.  It happens, man.  You win some, you lose some.  You get some big runs, you get some called back, then it’s just on to the next play.  You can’t dwell on the last play.  You got to have that ‘One and done’ (attitude).  That one’s done now we’re moving on to the next one.”

(On if this system requires more patience on the running back’s part) “Well the zone is a patient run, period.  There’s a lot of things going on.  But the main thing is if you take some good steps, it’ll put you right in the position that you need to be.  But basically the zone is a very patient play.”

(On people maybe being surprised that he bounces runs outside as a power runner) “Why? Why would they be surprised?  They made an assumption.  Why are you making me one-dimensional? No, but it’s just a read, you know.  If everything is clogged up inside, why not run outside?  It’s just basically what the defense gives you, you just got to capitalize on it.”


(On if the goalposts look smaller as he moved back after several penalties) “It does.  The good thing for us is you keep getting reps on that hash, so you can kind of get in a groove.  It was blowing out there, it rained, and the wind was moving.  I think one of the hardest ones might have been the extra point we kicked where Jon (Ryan) looked at me and the wind was blowing so hard, I saw something like paper going flying across (the field) and it was changing the whole day.  I feel pretty good, especially with Jonny – we’ve got some good chemistry and they put us in position a few times.  Their guy just kept trying to get a jump and a jump and a jump and that first one that they blocked, we kind of both saw him.  He must have been way off because we both saw him.  Our operation is so fast that that’s a hard play to make.”

(On making essentially 10 field goals in one game and if that’s the most he’s ever kicked in a game) “Oh for sure.  I’ve never kicked that many field goals.  I think a lot of guys, when you start getting into a rhythm and kicking a lot of field goals, it kind of helps you out. I guess like a quarterback throwing a lot, you get in a rhythm.  Running backs.  It’s no different for us.  We get that feeling and that confidence.  Nothing’s going to happen, just do my own job and not worry about anybody else, we can get in a rhythm and just get it going.”