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Ken Whisenhunt postgame press conference:"The only reason we had a chance at all today was because of our defense."


(Thoughts on the game…) “Well obviously you can’t turn the ball over five times, especially twice down there tight. It’s too tough to win on the road. And when you do that, it makes it even worse.

I was proud of our defense and the way they played today and hung in there. We just made it to tough for them. But if we can continue to play with that kind of intensity, that will help us. Were struggling a little bit, offensively right now. That’s something that we just have to work through, which is understandable to some degree. So we’ll continue working and hopefully get it fixed.”

(How did Max Hall getting hurt affect the team…) “Max was dinged, that’s why he came out. We couldn’t take the risk of him playing from that point. I was pleased that Derek (Anderson) came in there and played well. That’s what you expect him to do.”

(Do you think that Max Hall was affected by the weather conditions today…) “Well, I don’t know. I don’t know how much of it was involved with the rain. Because there was a period where both team were struggling with that a little bit. The conditions weren’t good but it got better. That’s disappointing obviously. You can’t afford to start like that offensively when your on the road like that.

Let’s be frank, you understand that with a young quarterback in this type of environment, you’re going to have to grow and learn with some of those things. And we understood that. I thought that we had a good run plan in today. I wish that we could have continued to use that. We had some success there at points. But obviously we had it going and then we turned it over. We fumbled in their (Seattle’s) end.

It’s very tough to overcome the turnovers we had today, not only from the stand point of points, but emotionally when your on the road and in that stadium. It was tough and for me that is what was tough to take today.”

(Are you at a crossroads with Tim Hightower and the fumbles…) “That’s obviously disappointing. That was at a critical point in the game. Momentum was starting to turn. We were moving the football. We were running and that’s something that can’t happen. That is a concern and that is something that we will talk about with Tim. That’s needs to be an emphasis going forward. We can’t live with that going forward.”

(Thoughts on your team’s defense…) “Our defense has done a great job with the red zone defense all year. And that’s the only reason that we had a chance in that game is because of the way our defense played. If we could have done anything offensively today and not had the turnovers. I would like to think it would have been a different game. I think that the important thing is that our defense has been playing well and practicing well. We took some lumps earlier this year defensively. I think that we are starting to come out of that a little bit. It’s hard to say that today after a loss. But once again the only reason we had a chance at all today was because of our defense.