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Cardinals postgame comments: "That will put you at 8-8 and that’s not where we want to be."

[caption id="attachment_8424" align="alignnone" width="474" caption="TNT photo/Joe Barrentine"] [/caption] QB DEREK ANDERSON

(On the weather…) It wasn’t very nice, but obviously that’s something I’m used to, playing in the Northwest. It’ll be nice to be back home.  I wish we would have had a better day to play ball in.  But you’ve got to adjust to them and play (with) whatever happens.

(On how it felt to play again…) It felt good.  I had a lot of family and friends here at the game, and the chance to have them see me play was pretty cool.  They’ve been waiting six years.  Obviously I would have liked a better result, and I would have liked to play a little bit better.  I was fighting like I could to get us back in the game.  It’s a work in progress.

(On identifying what challenges confront the offense…) For starters, we can’t turn the ball over and give them the short field.  I think our defense played fantastic in the first half.  Obviously we should have gone in at halftime probably at 3-0.  They played great all day.  Giving those guys a short field – I don’t care what team you give in the NFL you give a 30-yard field, you’re going to give points up.  Kickers are tood good.  Offenses are too good.  That’s a start. From there we’ve just got to tighten things up.  We’ve got to be more effective on the road.

(On the play of the defense…) The defense kept us in the game.  I got in there on what, the 10 or the 15, and didn’t get one (a touchdown).  If we get a touchdown there, maybe it puts a little more pressure on them to move the ball and puts them in a tighter squeeze.  Overall I think I did all right. Obviously, you’ve got to be better.


(On the muffed kickoff return…) That’s a mental error.  All turnovers come down to that.  While it seems like we’re snakebit, and “Aw, the ball just bounced the wrong way,” really it’s a mental thing, and we’ve got to correct it.

(On what’s ahead for the team…) I come out of this game confident about what we’ll do down the stretch from here on out.  Maybe it’s just a blind faith thing, but I really feel confident in the guys we have on the field.  I feel guys made plays at crcuial times when they could have shut it down, and I really believe things are going to click very soon.  It just seems like we’re on the verge of it.


(On the team’s mood…) We’re down.  You never want to lose to a division opponent.  You don’t want to lose, period.  We shot ourselves in the foot, and you definitely can’t win many ballgames when you go on the road and turn the ball over five times.  It makes it difficult.  Our defense; those guys really played hard and kept us in the game.  Offensively, we just didn’t capitalize on some chances we had our there.

(On the weather…) I don’t think the weather had too much to do with anything.  It was raining off and on.  We understood that.  Last week we practiced out in the rain two days out of the week.  So we’re not going to make any excuses about the weather.  We just didn’t get it done.  We’re paid to go out and perfom under any conditions that happen.  We didn’t get it done.

(On Seattle’s coverage…) You’ve got some talented guys over there.  Trufant and Thurmond did a good job on me all day.  You know you’re in a dogfight every time you play against them.  I look forward to playing against them in three weeks.  Hopefully we’ll have a better outcome.  But today they did a good job.

(On if Max Hall was jittery…) He’s not really a guy who’s jittery.  He’s a confident individual no matter what the circumstances are.  I didn’t have a great game.  I know a lot of other guys who would point to themselves as well offensively who maybe didn’t perform to the best of their ability.  Not all the blame goes on the quarterback.  You win and lose as a team.  Coach said it after the game: The defense did their jobs, and we’re just not getting it done right now.

(On the lack of scoring compared to years past…) It’s a different team.  We’ve lost some components from the teams that were able to put those points up.  We have to find ways to get it done.  It’s as simple as that.  We have to find some solutions and we have to do it quickly.  I know we need to be more efficient.  We ran the ball pretty good today, to be honest with you.  Early on we really felt we controlled the line of scrimmage.  But when we get opportunities to take shots on the field, we have to execute.

(On Seattle over the years…) They’re a good football team.  Even when we’ve beaten them over the past couple of years, we never just slaughtered them.  They were always in the football game.  They’re a good group of guys.   They play hard, they cause turnovers and you know every time you play against them it’s going to be a fight.

(On what changed when Anderson became QB…) Anytime you have a quarterback change, it’s like playing blackjack.  When somebody sits at the table, it just changes the hand a little bit.  Sometimes the cards just fall different.  I think he gave us a little bit of energy.  He sparked us on that first drive when he came in – four of four on completions.  That was a good drive.  What we need to do now is continhue to keep that positive momentum rolling.  We didn’t do much after that drive, and that’s something that we have to work on.

QB Max Hall

(On his head injury . . .) “I’ll be alright.”

(On how he played . . .) “I’m obviously disappointed in how I played but you have got to give credit to them. They played well and there’s definitely some things we need to work on and correct. We just got to keep working and more forward.”

(On the interception . . .) “It was a bad decision but the ball slipped out of my hand. It just kind of floated up there and the safety got it. It’s just one of those things.”

(On connecting with Larry Fitzgerald . . .) “We just couldn’t get it going early and we needed to do that. We just weren’t able to.”

(On how he felt after his injury . . .) “I was a little woozy. I got a little nauseous or whatever but I’ll be OK.”

(On the conditions in Seattle . . .) “It’s no excuse. It was tough. At times it was really wet but that’s no excuse. You still got to be able to execute. We were running the ball well. We just kept having turnovers and mistakes so it’s hard to win when you do that.”

DT Alan Branch

(On holding Seattle to field goals . . .) “Just being a D-lineman myself, we have a little something about not trying to give them six points, give them three, try to keep them out, especially in the red zone. We kind of take pride in that.”

(On his play . . .) “I wouldn’t say it’s coming together. Give me a couple games straight then maybe I might catch a stride. I would like to have a couple games under my belt where I’m playing really well.”

(On reaching top level of play . . .) “I’m pretty much my hardest critic so you will probably never get me saying that I reached that level yet.”

(On how the defense played . . .) “We played well for this game but not well enough. I think we played pretty well in the New Orleans game as well, but as a whole this might be one of the better games.”

(On defensive unit improving . . .) “We had some new players and it takes time for everybody to get on the same page and I think we finally did. We took a good step in that direction at least.”

NT Bryan Robinson

(On how the defense played today . . .) “I think we gave up like 150 yards rushing today, that don’t sound impressive to me. And then Pete Carroll called the dogs off at the end – that was a classy move by him. He could’ve took it in and scored but I believe that he knows he had to come see us in Arizona. But giving up 150-something yards rushing, I don’t see how that’s impressive.”

(On holding Seattle to field goals . . .) “Well, we can call that a moral victory but we didn’t win today. I feel just as bad as our offense feels right now. We just have to find a way to get it going. Hopefully we can next weekend. It’s been, I think, since ’08 that we lost back-to-back games so hopefully that can remain true and we can get it going again next week.”

(On trading wins and loses . . .) “Yeah, that will put you at 8-8 and that’s not where we want to be. So we have to get on a roll. But I feel a lot better knowing that we hadn’t put two losses in a row in almost two years. If anything, that’s a victory.”