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Raiders 33, Seahawks 3 -- postgame commisseration thread

This was not what anyone expected. Maybe the Raiders are better than we thought, and the Hawks aren't nearly as good as we hoped. The game was truly awful to watch. Painful.

All of the momentum and anticipation for this game seemed to disappear almost immediately when the Oakland defensive front absolutely manhandled the Seahawks offensive line from the first series.

Nothing went right for the Seahawks. They couldn't convert on third down. Olindo Mare missed two early field goals. Mike Williams was nonexistent and had a huge drop. And the defense made a couple big mistakes in an otherwise decent game.

And then there were injuries to Red Bryant, Tyler Polumbus, Colin Cole and Golden Tate.

1. How surprised were you with the way the Seahawks played today? Was in unreasonable to expect a win?

2. Has this team taken a step back in your mind?

3. Who gets your LVP -- least valuable performer -- for this game?

4. If the Seahawks were physically manhandled by Oakland, how bad could it be against the Giants?

5. Do fans and to some extent the media, overestimate how good this team really is at times?

6. How much have injuries played a part in these struggles?

7. With the injury issues and today's performance, how has this changed your expectations of this team and it's standing in the NFC West?