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Rang on new Seahawks

We’re still waiting for the official word from the Seattle Seahawks on some of these roster moves that were reported but not confirmed by the team on Sunday.

But while we are waiting, I talked to Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, about some of the players the Seahawks have picked up over the last, two days.

Also, quarterback Matt Leinart is not headed to Seattle. He signed with Houston.

Rang on DT Junior Siavii: “I like Siavii. He was a player who certainly flashed off the board while he was at Oregon. And this is a guy who played opposite Igor Olshansky, and that got a lot of attention coming out of Oregon during that time. Like Olshansky, I always thought he would be best in a 3-4 scheme as a base end. Then again that’s exactly where I thought Red Bryant would be best at.

“I think he’s a guy that’s going to give the Seahawks some versatility up front on the defensive line, where it’d be at defensive end where Red Bryant is playing, or moving him inside where he would play that role that Vickerson was going to play. So I think it make some sense.”

Rang on QB Zac Robinson: “He had success over a long period of time at Oklahoma State. He’s a good fit for Seattle’s offense because he’s a player that, while he doesn’t necessarily have a cannon, he has enough accuracy and enough velocity for the short-to-intermediate routes.

“So he’s a smart passer, and he’s also an underrated athlete. And so he’s a guy who can get out of the pocket and do some things. The concern is he’s just a light guy. He’s only 6-2, 215 pounds, so you want to build him up a little bit. So I think he’s an ideal candidate for the practice squad, so you put him in the weight room and see what you got a year from now. But I think he’s a guy who has some talent.”

Rang on CB Nate Ness: “The press coverage is what they’re doing, and that’s what this is all about with their transition from corners like Josh Wilson to these bigger, taller press corners that can play that type of game. I don’t necessarily agree with it because I thought Josh Wilson was good player.

“But with Ness in particular, like Walter Thurmond, you’re talking about bigger, taller players. With Ness, this is a guy who was a safety at the University of Arizona at times early in his career. So he’s a guy who will hit and can run. 6-foot, 195 pounds. Has legitimate 4.4 speed. And during the preseason he flashed with Miami. He made some big plays for them. And so I think this is another case of the Seahawks looking around for players who fit what Pete Carroll and John Schneider are looking for.”

Rang on OG Evan Dietrich-Smith: “This is a guy that while he was at Idaho State he played all over the line. He played left tackle. He played inside at guard. I believe he even played some center with the Green Bay Packers. He’s played some guard there as well.

“So he’s a guy where they like his versatility. With John Schneider’s background with Green Bay they’re going to know that roster well, and they still have some contacts back there. I think this an example of a very good Green Bay offensive line having to get rid of a player they kind of liked, and Seattle just being in position to take advantage of that.”

Rang on OL Stacy Andrews: “I think with Andrews you have a guy who has the experience to play tackle and come right it. With Mansfield Wrotto, I thought he flashed and played pretty well for the Seahawks in the preseason, but at the same time he wasn’t a true tackle, so there was some concern that way, that maybe the Seahawks were concerned that his play would level off, like we saw some of the young players do last year.”

“So with Stacy Andrews you have a sure talent that can come out and contribute immediately if you have to have him. So that makes some sense.”