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Quick check on new Hawks

Some quick observations on some of the new players in the brief Monday practice:

Stacy Andrews is enormous (6-7, 340), but he has thin calves, so he looks like he has good feet. At one point in practice, he gave a couple extra shoves to Red Bryant. Consider that a quality this team can use. Carroll said that Andrews wants to play at right tackle and everybody is open to him taking that as far as he can ... meaning that if he can challenge Sean Locklear, more power to him.

Running back Michael Robinson looked really impressive to me. Supposedly he's a great special teams guy. Here's what I saw in practice: He's 6-1, 223, and he looks willing and able to block.

Defensive end Raheem Brock, a 9-year veteran, looks a great deal like Chris Clemons. Defensive tackle Junior Siavii (6-5, 315) is leaner than waived Kevin Vickerson, but also looks quicker off the ball and down the line.

Chester Pitts will be going at left tackle for now, Carroll said. He has a nice set-up, low and wide, but he's coming back from microfracture surgery and I know they're not counting on him covering a great deal of ground out there.