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Quickie bullet points from Carroll presser

Pete Carroll just finished his first game-week Wednesday press conference.


Of the 182 roster moves since arriving in Seattle, Carroll said they've done everything they could to "make this team better at every turn." He added an indisputable point: "This is a roster that needed help."

Moves for the future? "We're trying to get as good as we can get right now."Playing the Niners: "I think it's going to be really interesting to see where we stand in the division."

Of the left tackle position: Starter is yet to be decided between Chester Pitts and Tyler Polumbus (He called him "Troy" ... hey, can't blame him). Pitts got most of the work Monday but was limping around a little. They're already familiar working on a weakness at left tackle because they had to shape a game plan in the preseason against Minnesota with Mansfield Wrotto starting over there when Russell Okung went down ...

He said Mike Gibson won the left guard spot .. he is aggressive with good balance and the ability to get downfield to the second level.

He said he thought receiver Deon Butler was "our most improved player."

Linebacker David Hawthorne, who has missed considerable time with a hip injury, "will be ready to go."

Tight end Anthony McCoy, however, is not expected to be healthy enough for the game.

On the move that sent T.J. Houshmandzadeh down the road (with $7 million guaranteed), Carroll said there was great support from the top on down, meaning they got clearance from above on the move.

He said newly-acquired Michael Robinson is such a versatile player that he expects him to have an impact this week ... particularly on special teams.