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Mike Singletary's postgame comments: "I want to tell Pete Carroll ‘thank you very much for kicking our tails.’

(Opening Statements…) “It’s ironic that we didn’t do any of them [key components]. We needed to make sure that we concentrated on our jobs. We needed to make sure that we were focused and we were detailed in every phase of the game and we were consistent. We felt that coming in here today that was the thing that we needed to do in order to be successful for a number of reasons. On the offensive side of the ball we did not execute when we needed to. In critical situations we didn’t come with the play we needed to make, particularity early in the game. I thought we had a chance to take them [Seattle] out of their game, early on and we did not. When you’re on the road and you have opportunities, you have to capitalize on them and we simply did not.”

(On a missed opportunity…) “You could go back now and ask why not kick the field goal. We came here to win. I felt that we called the right play. It didn’t work. After that it could have been 10-0, rather than 6-0. I wanted to get all the points early if I could, if I felt that we could make it. It was not the best throw and it was not the best attempt to get it. So it just worked out the way it did.”

(On problems with communication…) “There were some problems. I don’t really know what the situation is. But there were some problems with Alex’s [Smith] helmet. We had a similar situation last year. But when the communication can’t come in and it’s spotted on the headset and you already can’t hear, it makes it very difficult. Obviously, when you are in the red zone you want to make sure that you are calling exactly what it is and if you can’t get the play, it’s not that the plays weren’t coming in, it was that he wasn’t getting the plays because of technical issues. That’s the thing that throws it off. It happened a few times. There were a few times when we had to take timeouts because of the headset, because of the communication and it’s very frustrating. I guess it just happens to us.”

(On if the 49ers are not as good as some people believed…) “No, I don’t think that. I think when I look at this game, the notes that I took in this game, number one is missed opportunities, execution wasn’t the greatest. The other thing I think that showed up is football is a team game. I think some of the training camp that was missed, the connection, the chemistry wasn’t there at times. You just can’t come in and think that we are just going to pick it up and pick up where we left off last year. You have to work at it, the little fine details. But no, do I think we are a good football team? Yes, I think we are a good football team. But I think we can be a very good football team. But until we get to the point of being detailed and being consistent, we will not be a good football team. And I do believe we will do that.”

(On team chemistry affecting the game…) “I wouldn’t say all of it but some of it. Obviously there was pressure at the same time but yes, I would say some of it.”

(On the interception in 3rd quarter…) “He didn’t run the wrong route. It wasn’t a great throw but it’s just, once again, it is the chemistry. It is the timing, all of those things. Some of the passes that we have, it’s got to be some of the guys get around quicker, go to get there faster, timing, however it is. Obviously it was not there.”

(On allowing interception to be returned for touchdown…) “I saw that. Sometimes there are things going on in the game and you are just trying to get everybody together and get guys focused. Sometimes on a thing like that, yes, you say, ‘Make the tackle,’ and then you move on and try to get other things that need to be fixed.”

(On Alex Smith…) “I really feel that, once again, some of that was just not having the consistency and a real game and not having the timing down with those guys because of the missed preseason. I also think some of that is attributed to some of the pressure. I know Alex was frustrated and some of that I’ll have to get back and look at the film and decide what exactly happened here or there. I thought early on in the game, I thought he executed very well. I thought in the first quarter he was hitting guys. He was doing the things he needed to do. I think as time went on he began to press a little bit more and sometimes that can happen when try and win a football game.”

(On thoughts on the game…) “I will just say this. Today, we are going to thank Pete Carroll and his staff. They did an outstanding job. It was good medicine for us. We have to swallow it. Bitter. There’s no sugar coating it at all. We obviously have to go back to work and play a very good football team next week. We got to look at the film and make sure that we iron everything that needs to get ironed out. That we get there. But today, as I said at the very beginning, it’s missed opportunities on the road and the other thing that we can’t do is turn the ball over, whose fault it was. At this point, really just getting back and watching the film and seeing what’s there and cleaning it up and let’s go from there. But I do want you to understand this. Alex is our quarterback and at no time did I think about putting David Carr in the football game. But I want you to understand this. I know Alex will grow from this, too. I know our receivers will grow from this, too. Our offense, our team will grow from this. And we just have to get better. It’s a work in progress. So that’s where it is at.”

(On Ted Ginn’s injury…) “I don’t know how long. I think it’s a knee strain and I really don’t know the time.”

(On the start to the game…) “I think what happened is you go into a football game and when you’re a young football team, you win four preseason football games and you start to feel pretty good about yourself and maybe you begin to read the press a little bit. Then you think about, ‘Hey, you know what? We go the division locked.’ Obviously we don’t. We have to go back to work. We have got to work our tails off and we have got to get out of a hole. I think guys were a bit overwhelmed with the ways things were happening. But that’s why you play the game. You go from one week to the next and you see it happen at every level. This team is supposed to be a very good football team and you go out there and some of the guys don’t even know what their names are and they make plays. As I said before, I knew it was going to be a hornet’s nest coming in here and I knew that we had to do those four things. We have to execute. We have to be consistent. We have to be detailed. And we did not. So when you miss opportunities on the road, that happens.”

(On the play of the young linemen…) “I got to look at the film. I think we put them in a very unfair situation. As time went on, one thing you don’t want to do is you have a difficult time hearing the count and at the same you know that they know that your offense is in a situation where you have to pass the ball. So guys get a jump on the ball on defense. I’m sure there will be some times when they don’t look as good. But we played into Seattle’s hands today and, once again, they got us. And I do want to say thank you. I wanted very much so, tell Pete Carroll thank you very much for kicking our tails. I was good medicine and we are going to take it and we will go from there.”

(On problems with headset…) “The situation is it’s on and you don’t know he’s not hearing it because there are other things that are happening. You are trying to get the call to him so at some point in time you make a decision.”

We played into Seattle’s hands today and once again they got us. I do want to say ‘thank you.’ Very much so I want to tell Pete Carroll ‘thank you very much for kicking our tails.’ It was good medicine and we’re going to take it. And we’ll go from there.