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49ers players postgame comments: "You can't go back and re-do preseason and camp."


(On if his chemistry with Michael Crabtree was off…) The two plays that stand out are the two picks. The first one, I don’t know if that’s so much chemistry, just him I think being quick to turn and make a play. The second one, I’d say a little more of that. I’m thinking one thing, and he obviously wasn’t thinking the same thing, resulting in the pick six. That cost us. Huge. At that point it’s still a one-score game, and that takes it, I believe, to 21-6, and hurt us. We didn’t get back. It changed the game.

(On if him playing during the preseason would have made that better…) Obviously, I think you’d like to say it would help, but who knows? It’s tough to go back and second-guess. What’s done is done. You can’t go back and re-do preseason and camp. It was costly. It was huge.

(On one of his incompletions…) I really just thought it was going to be quick. I knew they were in cover two. He was kind of uncovered out there. He had his head down when I let the ball go, and the ball got up a little bit. He didn’t even see it as it went over him. I was just seeing a quick out, catch it before he even got out to the corner, is kind of what I was seeing.

(On the reasons behind the first-half time outs taken and if one was related to his headset…) Management issues like that. We got to get that figured out. It hurt us. I think we used all three time outs in the first half and had a delay of game as well. We’ve got to get that sorted out, obviously. On the road, it’s even tougher with the crowd noise and everything that goes into that. I’m trying not to use those in the first quarter especially. But we had a couple of situations there, third-and-short, field position, and I wasn’t willing to take five yards. I thought I’d preserve it, take time out, collect ourselves and try to take advantage. That’s what I was thinking.

(On his incomplete lob into the end zone on fourth down…) It blew wide open. They played run. It was a good call. I was simply thinking, he’s so uncovered I’m just going to loft this ball to him as he runs into the end zone. In hindsight, with a fullback like that, you’re probably best just to put it on him On the road you’ve got to come away with six points there. We decided to go for it, had the right call on, he was wide open, and I think he knew he was wide open. So he turns around, and I’m thinking of just kind of lofting it to him and let him run in. Fourth-and-one, you have that kind of mistake – it hurts. That’s your dream. You get that call, and that guy is out in the flat like that, uncovered. I’m thinking he’s so wide open I’m just going to lay it up for him. That’s what my intention was.

(On if he agrees that a loss like this is good medicine for the team…) It doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t feel good. I don’t know. I think you’ve got to try and make it positive. It hurts, though. Division opponent. Opening game. But there’s 15 more games. Everything we’ve talked about is in front of us. No one said this is going to be easy. This is the NFL. There’s a reason it’s like this. No games are gimmies. We’re going to have to bounce back.

(On why the offense was not productive…) In the first half I thought we put some things together and never did get them finished. We had the turnover in the second quarter that hurt us and put them ahead. And I think the game plan kind of changed in the second half. You could see it. We got away from the run, and we couldn’t get anything going. We struggled on third downs. The two halves were very different. The first half, you try to balance run and pass, and we did a decent job of that, but we couldn’t finish in the red zone. In the second half, we didn’t gegt much of anything done.


(On the momentum change…) Yeah, it was a tough one. I give the Seahawks all the credit. They came out and they did what they needed to do to win. It was a tough one, but it’s not the end of the season.

(On whether it took a while for the defense to get their bearings back…) They made plays, and they made more plays than we did. Collectively and together we have to find a way to put it together, and we will. Just the first game of the season doesn’t make or break or season at all, so we’re not going to hang our head over this game. What happened has happened and it’s over with, and we just have to get ready. We’re going to watch the film tomorrow and correct our mistakes and put it behind us and get ready for New Orleans.

(On whether this can be a positive thing, happening in week 1…) The good thing about today is that we have nowhere to go but up. We’re going to keep a positive attitude, and it’s not the end of the season. Today is a tough loss, and it’s going to hurt for now. But, tomorrow will be a new day. We’ll be 0-1, which sucks, but we’re going to be all right. We’re going to stay together as a team, nobody is going to point no fingers at anybody, and we’re going to get ready for New Orleans which is a very good football team, and that’s our next opponent. That’s who we’ll be worried about after we correct the film and correct our mistakes from today.

(On not being able to take advantage of the Seahawks’ offensive line…) They had a good game plan. They did what they needed to do. They found ways to make plays. I don’t know too much more than that. We’ll sit down tomorrow and watch film and correct our mistakes and find out what we can get better at and put this game behind us. Our next focus is New Orleans.


(On the offense being out of synch today… ) I think we’re a little bit out of synch. First game of the season; a lot of guys were out. Chemistry might have been a little off. You can’t expect to be out and then come back the first week and get the chemistry together. It takes time. You have to trust one another, but I’m not going to dwell on it. I keep encouraging the guys to keep their heads up and move on and get ready for Monday Night.


( On the big loss…. ) I never thought it would happen. It truly is what it is. They did a good job. Nobody is going haywire over here, we just have to go back to the drawing board. It’s a long season. You never get too high on a win and you never get too low on a loss. To me, true character depends on how come back after, and how you’re going to pursue it after it happens. I’m chomping at the bit for next week.

(On turnovers hurting the 49ers…) We were in the red zone. Our motto is that we don’t care where they get the ball. To me, as one of the defensive captains that’s what’s so disappointing. I don’t care if they get the ball the one yard line. Who cares? You have to stop them. 3 points. Our offense had the opportunity to come back and drive down the field and score; then it’s a ball game.


(On whether the chemistry with Alex Smith was sharp today ) We’re good. You can have all the chemistry in the world in practice, but when Sunday comes you have to make plays. It comes down to that.

(On not playing in the preseason…) Even in exhibition season, we’re doing the same things. On Sunday, you have to make something happen on Sunday. That’s what it is.

(On whether it’s close…) Game over now. Whatever happened happened. I had 12 yards on 2 catches. Right now, I’m thinking about next week. I have to throw that behind me. It’s in