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Quickie bullet points from Carroll presser

Guess what, Pete Carroll expressed excitement over Sunday's win against the 49ers. Imagine that.

But he conceded there are many things to work on. The terrible early play on both sides of the ball was an issue. He said they have to "come out with more authority at the start." They have to find their rhythm earlier. Special teams were basically good, but "we leaked in a couple areas."

They "feel solid about Polumbus in there" at left tackle, but Chester Pitts will continue to work in as he is able.

Of the running game, he warned that as paltry as 77 total yards appears, it was actually even less impressive since almost half came on a Forsett breakaway in the fourth quarter. "It wasn't formidable," Carroll said of the running game.

He again was delighted that they could do so well shutting down the SF running game with their base defense and no gimmicks. The Bryant-Cole-Mebane-Siavii efforts up front were laudable, he thought.

The offensive line "had some problems" with missed assignments and execution. He said Okung is getting closer, but it didn't sound as if he was optimistic about his return this week.

In a bit of news, he said that right guard Max Unger probably will not be ready to go this week against Denver because of an injury to his big toe. It happened during the game but he toughed it out. No more elaboration on the injury was available at this point.

He said the entire staff was impressed that the team didn't get down on the sidelines when the Niners were dominating play in the first quarter.

He thought Kelly Jennings had a really solid game in terms of open-field tackles and aggressive coverage. "He really earned that spot and he came out and played like it," Carroll said about Jennings getting the starting job ... which allowed them to trade Josh Wilson.

Linebacker Leroy Hill will be off his league suspension this week, but they still have to see how he fits back in, Carroll said. "He's not coming back to sit," Carroll said, but did not expect him to start.

Left guard Mike Gibson, who came out in the first half Sunday with a back injury, is expected to be ready for Denver.

Ah, yes, the road. "We gotta learn how to carry over games on the road," Carroll said. "We need to figure that part out."

Carroll cited defensive line coach Dan Quinn for getting new players Junior Siavii and Raheem Brock up to speed so quickly. "They were able to contribute in a large way (for) being here such a short time."