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Couple responses

The posters who are praising the defensive line seem on solid ground. I thought Cole had one of his best games, and the entire group is playing with confidence and aggressiveness. I believe Red Bryant has not only added beef, but also some real attitude to that defensive front. Remember, his sushi-buddy Mebane is the guy who barks like a dog when the other team comes to the line. Red's a guy who will not get pushed around. And he also pressures the quarterback even if it's just a matter of his bull rush helping to collapse the pocket.

MauMau, the points on Curry reflected what I saw, too. I think we're all so concerned about him getting to the passer, we're liable to miss some of the things he's doing against the run. As I looked back over my notes of the game, I charted one play when Earl Thomas came up and made a nice run tackle ... but it was a function of Curry standing up his blocker and stringing the play out to the sideline where Thomas could make the play.

I think you've probably got a good perspective on the Golden Tate situation, freedom_X. There definitely are some numbers issues involved, and in this case it had something to do with five backs being active, as Michael Robinson has become a factor in the backfield and on special teams. However, with some of the very athletic plays Tate had made during some minicamps and training camp, it certainly seemed as if he would be one of the young guys counted on. A month ago I never would have imagined he'd be inactive. As you say, let's remember it's only the first game. Maybe it's numbers. Maybe they're trying to get inside his head a little, too.

Dukeshire ... the play that Jennings made on the open-field tackle of Frank Gore was very impressive. I have to believe the Niners had that mismatch specifically in mind for that play. And Jennings answered the challenge by doing something that the Seahawks hadn't done much in recent seasons --- bring down Gore with one guy.