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McDaniels on Hawks: ‘It's a fast-paced scheme’

Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels talked about facing a much different Seahawks team than he has previously seen.

The Broncos played Seattle in the preseason last year. And in 2008 when McDaniels was still with New England, the Patriots squeaked out a 24-21 victory at Qwest Field.

“Coach Carroll has certainly brought a lot of enthusiasm to their team,” McDaniels said. “They’ve got a new scheme in some regards. They’ve got a lot of new faces and players. So in terms of preparing for them, we’ve kind of had to go two-fold on it – this year looking at them and trying to figure out what they’re going to do schematically. And we’ve kind of went back into the past to figure out what the players are like and how they are and all of that.

“So this is a team that is certainly I know in his (Carroll’s) mindset is a turnover-driven team, and that’s the way Pete coaches. And they did a great job of really flipping the game over the other day, creating those turnovers in the second quarter and early in the third quarter.”

Listen to a snippet of McDaniels’ conversation here.

Denver quarterback Kyle Orton also noticed the Seahawks’ focus on creating turnovers.

“They’re a good team with a very fast defense,” Orton said. “We’ll certainly have to take care of the ball. They certainly try and take the ball away from you, and will have to do a good job of keeping it.”

In terms of scheme, McDaniels said offensively the Seahawks play fast, using the short passing game to try and create big plays.

“It’s a fast-paced scheme,” McDaniels said. “The West Coast style. Quick throws. A lot of run after catch. Screens. The sprint running game is always difficult to prepare for because it happens so quickly, and if you make a mistake the ball’s in the secondary.”

McDaniels had more good things to say about Seattle's defense.

"They've really added a lot of talented players with Earl Thomas and (Chris) Clemons and (Aaron) Curry over the last, few years that have really changed the look of that defense," McDaniels said. "And now I think they've got the style of defense that they want and a lot of guys that can make plays.

"So they're very dangerous. We told the team this morning that things happen in a hurry when you play Seattle."

Orton, who just signed a new deal with the Broncos just before the season started, said he’s not concerned with his team drafting Tim Tebow in the first round of this year’s draft.

“I really haven’t looked at that a whole lot to be honest with you,” Orton said. “I just go about my business and execute the game plan that I have in front of me.”