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Broncos 31, Seahawks 14: Postgame rant thread

Wow, well that was a little different Seahawks team than we saw last week. It was kind of similar to the Seahawks team we saw last season.

The game got off to such a promising start with the offense marching down the field. Obviously the penalties around the goal line were issues. Matt Hasselbeck wasn't as sharp as the first game. And the defense looked gassed at the end.

Deon Butler showed some good things early in the game and Golden Tate was fantastic in his limited action.

1. What was the most disappointing aspect for you?

2. Should Pete Carroll have kicked the field goal instead  of going for it on fourth and 2?

3. What did you think of Hasselbeck's play?

4. Any bright spots in the game?

5. We asked this last week: Does this game change your expectations for the Seahawks or this season?