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Hasselbeck says Carroll called him out for poor play

During his weekly, game-after press conference this afternoon Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carrroll was supportive of Matt Hasselbeck, who struggled in the game on Sunday at Denver, reiterating that the veteran quarterback is his guy.

“There really was one decision,” Carroll said, pointing to Hasselbeck’s interception to Champ Bailey on the first series of the game. “Throwing the ball up to Champ was one that really gave them a chance to make a play. Other than that he played a solid football game and gave us chance to do some things.”

Asked where he should have thrown the ball on that play, Hasselbeck said, “Probably row 5” Hasselbeck said although Carroll was supportive, he did admonish him for the critical mistakes he made in the game. Hasselbeck threw three interceptions on Sunday, including two near the goal line.

“He was tough on me,” Hassselbeck said. “He was pretty hard on me. He did call me out right after the game on the turnover thing. And I expect that. And I have no problem with that. “And the standard has kind of been set. He has told us what he expects, so we know what he is looking for and the kind of football he wants to play. He wants to be a team that doesn’t turn the ball over and gets turnovers. That’s the most important thing in the world to him.” Hasselbeck once again talked about that balance between playing with aggressiveness and confidence, but also being conservative and careful with the ball.

Carroll said there’s no thought of getting reserve quarterback Charlie Whitehurst in the game, and that Hasselbeck still is his quarterback.

“Matt’s our guy,” Carroll said. “We’re counting on him. And we know he gives us the best chance to win. And he’s doing everything he can to prepare, and he’s busting his tail and all of that. He’s doing a good job.

“We feel fortunate to have Charlie waiting in the wings. But it’s not his time yet.”

Hasselbeck a runner? Carroll joked about Hasselbeck’s running prowess after he scored on a 20-yard scamper near the end of the game.

“Now that he’s a runner too, we’ve decided we’re going to do install some other aspects of the offense to accentuate that,” joked Carroll

So should we be ready to see some Michael Vick plays from Hasselbeck?

“We have watched some Philadelphia tape here today,” he said In-flight film session: Hasselbeck said one of the things the players do on their way home is watch film of the game on laptops set up by the team’s film staff in order to get a jump start on reviewing the game. “It’s way better than watching some stupid Adam Sandler movie,” joked Hasselbeck. “You just get closure that way,” Hasselbeck went on. “And then you come in today and watch it with your coach, and they’ve watched it as a staff. I’m sure they watch it in the front of the plane. So you end up watching

Hasselbeck watching the film just confirmed what he thought about the game right after it was over. “For me, with the turnovers it kind of confirmed everything that I thought,” he said. “I knew right away what I needed to do to get better and I saw that again today.” “In a way it’s almost encouraging because the stuff we did wrong, or I did wrong, is all stuff we know we can fix. So I think in a strange way there’s a lot of optimism after watching the film because I think we see how good we can be.” Tate is Hawks new punt returner: Carroll said rookie Golden Tate is the team’s punt returner moving forward after his explosive, 63-yard return on Sunday.

“We can’t afford to take him out of there,” Carroll said. “Obviously is big return proved that again, but he’s a great catcher. And has great ability to make decisions back there as well. So we’ll stay with him.”

Hasselbeck said that Tate took advantage of his opportunities against Denver, which included a 52-yard reception in the second half.

“He showed up as a punt returner and also as a wide receiver,” Hasselbeck said. “So it’s been my experience when you show up in practice you get plays in games. And when you show up in the game, you continue to get more plays in the game. “He didn’t have that many plays, but even the short go route that we threw to him on the left hand side, that was just sort of a ‘Hey, he just made a play. Let’s see if he can make another one.’ And that’s kind of what happens. Hasselbeck said because of concerns with Mike Williams and how he would play with a thigh injury, the Seahawks offensively were looking to try and find other guys to step up and make plays, and they put in a couple plays for Tate. Some tidbits

*Carroll said that Ben Hamilton has replaced Mike Gibson at left guard. Hamilton started the entire game against Denver.

* Linebacker Leroy Hill is wearing a boot and has a strained calf muscle.

* Carroll said rookie Russell Okung will begin running on land this week, and if all goes well, he could begin practicing next week. Okung has been out with a high-ankle sprain since the second preseason game on Aug. 21.

* WR Mike Williams did not play very much because of concerns with the thigh injury.