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Turner on Whitehurst: He can play

We had an opportunity to talk to San Diego head coach Norv Turner about his former player, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, along with his thoughts on Seattle.

Turner compared Whitehurst to his time in Washington when he had Trent Green as a backup before he departed to St. Louis to become a starter. Turner says he has all of the physical tools Green had then, and just need an opportunity to play.

“If they have the ability and they can make the plays a certain percentage of the time, then you expect them to improve and make the plays at a higher percentage of the time,” Turner said. “And I think Charlie is capable of doing that.”

Listen to part of our conversation with Turner here.

Whitehurst signaled the plays into Philip Rivers when he was in San Diego, and Turner said he believes that process helps the backup learn the game. Turner did the same things with Green when he was in Washington.

“You almost feel like you’re playing,” he said. “It’s a good process. I’m not doing it for them. I was doing it because there’s a lot of other things that I have to be able to do, and it does distance you a little bit, so I liked that process.”

On the compensation San Diego received in return for Trading Whitehurst, swapping second round picks in the 2010 draft along with receiving a third round pick, Turner had this to say: “I know Arizona was involved in trying to get him. It’s two teams in the same division. I think both teams evaluated him from watching him play throughout all the preseason stuff and whatever they had grades on him.

“So I just think my background is if there’s a player you really like and you want to get him, you go do what you have to do to get him. So I wasn’t surprised.”

The Cardinals ended up getting Derek Anderson instead, who’s starting for them after they let Matt Leinart go.

On the Seahawks, Turner said they are playing well defensively.

“They’re certainly playing with a lot of energy obviously defensively,” Turner said. “They’re defending the run extremely well. They’ve a very fast defensive team. They’ve been impressive.”