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Hasselbeck: "We are all about turnover ratio"

Matt Hasselbeck did his usual meeting with the media on Thursday and once again much of the talk centered around turnover ratio.

"It’s what we are all about, all the time," Hasselbeck said. "It’s what we focus on. Last week, we didn’t do a great job of it."

Indeed, Hasselbeck was directly responsible for all three Seahawks turnovers, while the defense got no takeaways.

Yes, San Diego had a plus-8 turnover ratio, and this year it's plus-2. And the Seahawks' turnover ratio is now -1

"It’s something we have to be aware of," he said. "They are very opportunistic in the secondary. They do a good job of stripping the ball as well."

Hasselbeck believes its why both teams have the record they do.

"And not just the Chargers and the Seahawks, you see that all across the NFL and you proably see it in college sports, college football, you probably see it in high school football, so it's really no secret. "

Head coach Pete Carroll has preached it endlessly and Hasselbeck has become a full believer.

"Pete said it very plainly in our first meeting on Monday this week, and he just said: 'There's realy nothing else to say. If you can't grasp that concept then you're not going to get what we're all about.'"

One other interesting thing that Hasselbeck was asked about by Greg Johns of the PI was kind of the personnel package differences from week to week. I'm sure Eric has the exact numbers on this -- but in the win over the 49ers, the Seahawks offense used a lot of three tight end and two tight end sets. Against Denver, not so much. It was more three wide receiver sets. Hasselbeck was asked if the team is still kind of finding it's offensive identity.

"I think that's probably what you're going to see from us," Hasselbeck said. "We're someone new every week, that'd be my guess. In part because of injury, but also just because I think that's how we want to do it. I think we're going to be a team that's hard to prepare for. We could come out in five-wide, we could come out thin three tight end, I think that it ... it's early for me too. But that's the sense I get. "

Does he like that versatility?

"It does make it difficult for me," he said. "But I'm sure makes it much more difficult for our opponent."