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Seahawks 27, Chargers 20-- reader reaction post

Well, it wasn't a dull game that's for certain.

Obviously, Leon Washington was THE MAN this game. Two kick returns for touchdowns, including one right after the Chargers tied the game.

The game management before halftime was suspect. And at times, the play calling offensively was a little funky. But it was good to see Golden Tate makes some plays early and John Carlson become part of the offense again.

The Hawks defense had moments where it was solid, and moments where it was gashed. I do think injuries to Marcus Trufant and Aaron Curry didn't help matters.

A win is a win. But really, this game should have never been this close. Seattle gave away at least 14 points.

The Seahawks are now 2-1. And they travel to St. Louis to face the Rams next week.  Yes, that's the only road game Seattle seems to win every year. But obviously the Rams are improved. Still, is there any reason not to think or expect this team to be 3-1 after next Sunday's game.

1. Besides Leon Washington, who else stood out to you?

2. What was the most frustrating aspect about this game?

3. Is it reasonable to expect the Hawks to be 3-1 after next week's game?

4. On a scare of 1 to 10, how exciting are Golden Tate and Earl Thomas when they have the football in their hands?

5. How sweet is it to see the 49ers now 0-3 on the season?