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Norv Turner postgame quotes: "We didn't cover well."

“That’s obviously something we talked about after last week’s game, talked about and worked on all week.  There’s issues that every team has to deal with and right now, the biggest (issue) obviously we have is to protect the football.  We’ve got some different guys handling the football.  They’ve got to understand that every play that ends, they end up with the ball in their hands.  And obviously, we’ve got to cover kicks.  We’ve got some young guys in there, some guys that have not been as consistent as we need to be and obviously it’s something we’ve got to address immediately and do whatever we have to do personnel-wise to make sure we can cover kicks.”

(On what the problem was on kick coverage) “It’s a combination of things.  It’s hard to sit there from the sidelines and look at it and say, ‘This is what happened.’  We’ll do that tomorrow.  We are playing some guys that it’s new to them and we didn’t cover well.  It’s not that we didn’t tackle well, we didn’t cover well.”

(On if the Chargers were oversold or underachieving) “Well, you’re going to ask that question every time we get in this situation.  I like this football team an awful lot.  I like the talent we have on the football team. You can say we’re underachieving, overachieving.  If you turn the football over, I guess a guy’s underachieving if he turns the ball over.  In terms of the way we’re playing, our guys are playing in a physical manner, they’re playing fast, they’re making a lot of plays.  You can’t make the kind of mistakes we’re making.  We’ve been here before, in terms of our guys understanding how important the ball is.”

(On the pass protection) “I thought, under circumstances, our pass protection was very good.  This is a team that has the abilities to rush the passer.  It’s obviously an environment that couldn’t be better for a pass-rushing group.  The way the game went, obviously we threw more passes than we normally would.  Philip (Rivers) does a great job handling the rush and our guys worked awfully hard at the protection.”

(On how they did handling the noise with delay of game penalties) “Well, again, it’s loud and then it gets loud and then it gets louder when the game’s on the line so we did everything we could to manage it.  Two of the plays I think Philip thought he got the ball off right at zero.  Obviously, there were a couple we didn’t.”

(On if the answers to the problems are in the locker room or if they’ll have to make some moves outside the team) “I believe the answers are in our locker room.  We’ll keep piecing it together and figure them out.  As I said, it’s 11 guys that go down on kickoff team and understand exactly what their job is.”

(On Shawne Merriman and Louis Vasquez injury updates) “We’ll give you those updates as we know.  Obviously, neither one of them could continue in the game.  It was a knee with Louis (Vasquez) and it was a calf with Shawne (Merriman).”

(On Patrick Crayton as the returner) “Well, for this game we thought it was a good matchup and our situation with Ryan Mathews out and knowing that Darren (Sproles) was going to play (running back) a little more, it was a good opportunity.  I thought he handled it well.”

(On if the special teams personnel was very different this week than the last two weeks) “No.  I mean, some of it changes because we’ve had people get hurt.  Larry English obviously didn’t play in the game.  Jyles Tucker wasn’t here.  Those guys are mainstay teams guys.  So yeah, one or two guys can make a difference either way.  We had enough guys to cover kicks.  We just have to do a better job.”

(On if he saw a change in attitude on the sideline after the second kickoff return for a TD) “There’s nothing.  This team is a group of fighters.  If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have come back and tied this game up.  It’s as competitive group as I’ve ever been around.  It’s as close a group as I’ve ever been around.  That’s why we’ve been able to manage some tough situations since I’ve been here and that’s why we’ll manage this situation.”

(On if this is the worst he’s had a Chargers team start) “We were 1-3 the first year I was here and there were some tough times.  The problem that I would say is we’re doing so many good things that we’re not taking advantage of them because there’s a lot of guys that are playing at a really high level but one or two bad plays or three or four bad plays obviously take away from that.  Last week, just because we won the game, some of the bad plays weren’t publicly acknowledged.  They were certainly acknowledged in our meetings and on the practice field.  We know we can’t make those kind of mistakes and we’re working hard to eliminate them.”

(On if there’s a way to fix fumbles) “Yeah.  Guys go a long time and don’t have a fumble.  Darren Sproles has had a fumble early in the year each of the last two years I think on kickoff returns and then he had no more after that.  It’s kind of a weird play the way he got tripped and then the ball came loose and then got knocked out.  It was a good play by the defensive player.  It’s just a mindset and an attitude that we’re not going to let the ball out.”