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Chargers postgame player quotes: "You can’t give up stuff like we did."

QB Philip Rivers

(On his overall impressions…) There are a lot of plays in that game, but to make it as simple as you can: Five turnovers, then the sixth on on the last fourth-down play, and two special-teams touchdowns, that’s a recipe for a loss.  All that being said, we had a chance to win.  We made a lot of plays, but we didn’t make quite enough.  All those things considered, hit a throw here, hit a throw there, we still could have won the game.  There’s no moral victories or consolation for that, but we had a chance.  All that aside, we had a chance at the end to tie it up.

(On if San Diego should have won it, considering Seattle’s fatigue on defense…) It’s hard to say “should have.”  I mean, yeah, I think we should have, but, should have, would have and could have.  Yeah, we think we should have done it, but we didn’t.  We got down in there and had a penalty here and there.  At the end you clock it – first down, second down a throwaway, and then you’ve got two downs.  We got backed up.  I felt like they were discussing, “Are they calling intentional grounding or not?”  All of a sudden you look up and there’s 10 seconds on the play clock.  We go time out or we’re dead there.  It comes down to that last play, but there were other plays.  The drive before we had a chance there.  The drive late in the game, we turned it over.  The one to (Antonio) Gates that gets tipped up; it stays about six inches off the ground.  We kind of gotta get rolling there.  We would have gotten it right back.  The defense kept giving us chances.  Our two losses – even last week – our defense kept us in it both times.  Offense, we did all right yardage wise, but we turned it over six times.

(On if he got off a late pass for an apparent TD to Crayton, nullified by a delay-of-game penalty, on time…) I thought it was right on it.  I can’t look at it (play clock) down to the final wire, but I thought it was kind of zero-snap, right at the same time.  It used to have to be zero, and then delay, not right when it’s turning.  But it was close.  That was the matchup that we had.  They were playing more of a zone, and we had Crayton on a linebacker.  On that last one, they obviously blitzed, and I was trying to give him a chance for a back-shoulder [catch].  You hope you hit it and you hope you get an interference there.  But we didn’t.

(On his protection…) When you’re playing a game like this and you throw it 50-plus times, it’s loud and all that, not everything is going to be picture-perfect.  There were things that we’re so clean, just as there were throws that I missed.  It works full-circle.  I can have a perfect pocket and miss a throw.  And there’s times when it’s not going to be perfect.  The guys up front – when you throw it that many times and you’re behind, they did an outstanding job.  Again, the turnovers and the two scores in the kicking game, those are tough things to overcome.  Offensively, all we can control is what we can control.  And we can control the turnovers, and then we can go score touchdowns.  We didn’t do that enough.

(On improved play in the second half…) We just got in a rhythm.  In the first half we had two turnovers as we were driving, and we had a three-and-out when we were trying to get a two-minute drive going.  I missed Darren [Sproles], and the guy covering him fell down, and he was going to run for 10-15 yards and get us going there with 1:50 left, and I left it behind him.  Then we punt and they go score.  That was obviously a huge swing there right before the half when we weren’t able to keep it 3-0.

(On his strained voice…) Most of the screaming is in the huddle, and at the line of scrimmage, because it’sw definitely loud.  The hardest part is communicating in the huddle.  You just have to scream it out because of the noise.  It’s like this most road games.  You just feel better when you win.


(Thoughts on the two Seahawks kick returns for touchdowns…) “We missed the opportunity to tackle someone. That’s all it was. You can’t miss tackles in this game because it can easily turn into something big. You see what happened with missed tackles.”

(How do you correct that…) “You have to come back and look at what you did wrong. Go out and say next time its not going to happen. Basically that’s all you can do.”

(What do you think of Rivers and Gates’ effort…) “We have seen it many, many times. We always feel like were in the game with those guys. Unfortunately the big kickoff returns spoiled our efforts. We got the ball back (late) and drove down the field. But in the end, penalties kind of killed us.”

(What did Coach Turner say to the team after the game…) “That’s something with in the team. That’s not for us to go out and put in the media. So I’m not going to put it out in the media what he talked to us about. This is like family and family takes care of family.”


(Talk about the Chargers being able to move the ball…) “We were able to pretty much move the ball the whole game, especially the last quarter and a half. We had to try and were unable to put a drive together to try and win.”

(How tough of a loss is this…) “We gave up 14 points (on special teams), that shouldn’t have beat us. We definitely want to correct that and get better.”

(What needs to happen differently on special teams…) “I love playing special teams but you can only do so much. Will go back in tomorrow, on Monday and see what happens. We will watch the film and try and get better. We’ll hear from our coaches and move on.”

(What did it to do the team giving up two special teams touchdowns…) “It will didn’t change our mentality. It was a momentum swing for the other team. It kept the crowd in it. When we tied it up, the crowd wasn’t in it. When they (Seattle) ran the kick back, I said oh man, here we go again. But we drove right down the field. We will get better and learn from it.”


(On playing with Philip Rivers…) We always have a chance to score.  All we have to do is go out and execute.  Unfortunately we ran out of time, and the turnovers killed us.  We can’t do that and expect to win games.

(On the frustration of gaining lots of yards but still losing…) We moved the ball so good, but it’s a team game, and we lost as a team.  We’ve got to get back to it, work on it, work on ball security, cover kicks.


(On the outcome…) You’ve got to finish.  You’ve got to play a whole 60 mintues.  You can’t give up stuff like we did.  Rightg now, [special teams] coach [Steve] Crosby is pissed off.  I don’t blame him.  The guys who are sitting in the meetings, or are not taking him seriously when he tells you to do it, but dang it, the technique on a kickoff return.  The dude has been in this league for about 100 years.  He’s been around for a while for a reason.  So you’ve got to take this stuff seriously.  It’s not a sense of entitlement.  It’s a privilege to put on the uniform every day.  Some guys have got to straighten up.

(On the frustration of losing aftger gaining so many yards…) You hate to lose this way.  Our defense gave us a chance to come back and tie the game up, but this one is a tough one to swallow.

(On if he recalls a first half going as badly as this one…) We’ve had some bad ones.  All in all, if we cdome out and do the things that we can do and stop digging a hole for ourselves, that’s something we’ve still got time to work on and time to change.  We will change it.  We do those things and we can still make a run at this thing.