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Jamar Adams takes ride of his life

Safety Jamar Adams has had some thrilling moments on the football field. But none of them compared to experience of a lifetime he enjoyed on Thursday.

Adams flew with the Patriots Jet Team out of Olympia Regional Airport as they practiced maneuvers in preparation for the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Air Expo this weekend.

“The best fun I’ve ever had,” he said. “I wish I could do it for hours. I was like ‘Don’t land, stay longer.’ That was a blast.”

The Patriots fly four high-performance L-39 jets. Shortly after takeoff on Thursday, the jets flew a few feet apart in a diamond formation. Adams’ jet was fourth in the formation – picture a baseball diamond and if the jets are bases, Adams’ was home plate.

“The formations, they were so close,” Adams said. “On the back and underneath it was crazy. The second time we got in formation the pilot said ‘I’ve got to use my air brakes.’ We were about two feet from of the plane in front of us.”

Adams said the close-call forced him to recall what he learned at the flight safety orientation meeting just before takeoff.

“I remember what they said, in case of emergency, pull the canopy lock back toward us,” he said.

Adams, entering his third season with the Seahawks, netted the invite to ride with the Patriots after he landed a plane on a flight simulator recently at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. His older brother is a member of the Air Force, stationed at a base in San Antonio. He joked that his brother would soon receive a call.

“I pulled seven G’s how many did you pull?” he said.

-- Doug Pacey, The News Tribune