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Answer to Big Red question

An earlier poster wanted to know what we've seen out of Red Bryant at defensive end. I thought he again was one of the surprises of Monday morning practice as he steadily gets noticeable penetration and shows surprising agility to the ball.

In the past, at tackle, his first movement was up, and that made him top-heavy and reduced the effectiveness of his great natural strength. Now, you can see that he's firing out low and then rising through the man. One time on Monday, he practically flat-backed tight end Chris Baker.

He had some good comments after the practice, saying that he hopes he can make every day a nightmare for the offensive linemen who have to block him, and that he's playing with a chip on his shoulder. He's playing with such confidence that he's become rather vocal, as well.

Newly acquired Kevin Vickerson has made a number of good plays on the inside, too. After one of those, Bryant started yelling to him, and the two 330-pounders later did one of those flying chest bumps ... a seismic collision, to be sure.

I wondered at first if moving Bryant to that position with the No. 1 group in the off-season and minicamps was an attempt to light a fire under former first-round pick Lawrence Jackson. But Bryant's status working with the starters is entirely legitimate and one of the moves that Pete Carroll has been most of so far.