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Situational sessions

One of the early themes of Pete Carroll’s first Seahawks training camp is the frequent use of game-type circumstances as teaching points. What looked like a team session on the typical two-minute drill recently was actually a great deal more specific.

“We actually worked with a situation that happened in the Super Bowl,” Carroll said. "We just chose that situation at 1:08, tie game, three timeouts to the offense, the ball got kicked off out of bounds at the 40-yard line. We just captured that situation. We went through it today with both the ones and the twos.”

To cement the lessons, Carroll later showed the team the video copy of how it actually played out in the Super Bowl, and was able to compare that to how the Hawks’ offense executed in that situation in practice.

It was a chance to review the best use of time outs, and the most efficient means of setting up for plays, and for field goals, he said. Carroll said there was very little reason to spend much time on these things at USC as “… we probably didn’t have four or five legitimate two-minute situations” the whole time he was there.

But in the NFL the games are so much closer that any number are decided in the final minute every week.

“It’s something that we will have to be very, very well-versed at,” Carroll said.