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Morning links: Ex-Hawk Grant throws Mora under the bus

A lot of the players have been talking about the difference between how player-friendly Camp Carroll has been, and how Jim Mora ran things last year, which players said was a pretty tough camp.

Well, we get more confirmation on this from former Seahawks safety Deon Grant, now with the New York Giants, who tells Newsday that Mora lost some of the players in 2009 because he ran such a tough camp.

“A lot of guys were fatigued out, a lot of guys were lost mentally because they didn’t expect the camp to be as long as it was as far as how long it went on and the amount of breaks we didn’t receive,” Grant said. “We didn’t receive any breaks. You have to find something within you to make it fun and enjoy what you do, but a lot of the fun was gone from it because of how hard camp was.”

My story today focuses on safety Lawyer Milloy, who says last year was a season to forget in terms of his lack of playing time on the field

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen interview’s Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll on his bus tour stop in Seattle.

Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter previews the Seattle Seahawks.

Jarrett Bell of USA Today writes about the impact wide receiver Mike Williams could have with Seattle offensively, and also previews the team.

Rob Rang of writes that rookie WR Golden Tate and FS Earl Thomas are having an immediate impact for the Hawks.

Art Thiel of writes that official Bill Leavy’s admission that he blew a couple calls in Super Bowl 2006 should be a cue for the league to work on swifter accountability from officials in the future.

Greg Johns of writes that quarterback Charlie Whitehurst looked good during the controlled scrimmage. I think Whitehurst has looked more comfortable running the team the last, few days.