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Grant clarifies comments on Mora

I talked with former Seattle Seahawks safety Deon Grant today regarding the recent comments he made about how tough training camp was last season under ex-Seahawks head coach Jim Mora.

Grant said he has no issue with Mora and how he ran camp last year, but was asked by a reporter after practice to explain the differences between training camp with the New York Giants and what he experienced last year in Seattle.

Here’s what he said, according to Newsday:

“A lot of guys were fatigued out, a lot of guys were lost mentally because they didn’t expect the camp to be as long as it was as far as how long it went on and the amount of breaks we didn’t receive,” Grant said. “We didn’t receive any breaks. You have to find something within you to make it fun and enjoy what you do, but a lot of the fun was gone from it because of how hard camp was.”

And here is Grant’s response to the report:

“I wasn’t trying to throw Jim (Mora) under the bus or anything like that,” he said. “I was saying his camp was hard, it was full speed and we were going, and we didn’t’ have those days off. Guys thought because of the type of guy Jim was and what they had heard from his time in Atlanta with Jim being a player’s coach, guys thought we were going to have more time off, and we didn’t.

“Guys just thought it was going to be different, and we thought we were probably going to a break a little earlier. And that might have mentally lost some guys at training camp at the time.”

Grant went on to say that he and Mora still keep in touch and he has no ill feelings toward his former head coach.

“If Jim really knows me, and any coach I’ve had a relationship with, they know that’s not even in my character,” Grant said.

Grant said he’s been working as the starting strong safety for the New York Giants since training camp began. The Giants picked Grant up during the offseason after Seattle released him.

And he’s kept in touch with his former Seahawks teammates, including Lawyer Milloy, Jamar Adams, Jordan Babineaux and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, among others.

Grant said the players he’s talked to are pleased with head coach Pete Carroll’s approach to camp so far, which has included just four, two-a-days.

“They’re loving it,” Grant said. “They said they’re liking it a lot. It’s going smooth, but they’re still getting their work in.”