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Postgame quotes from the Seahawks

EARL THOMASOn playing his first gameI was just getting my feet wet out there, trying to learn the fast pace of the game. I was nervous. A lot of tension, didn’t know what to expect. The older guys around the locker room did a great job of calming me down.

Did he notice the difference in speed in the NFL right away?Definitely. It was a screen play and it was just me out there, basically. I was the last resort.

Well, I learned pretty quickly that it's a man's game out there. The speed, it looked way faster than college because you're playing against the best and everybody's good. It was a just a great experience for me, getting my feet wet and getting put in certain situations and reacting.

MIKE WILLIAMSOn his TD catchIt was a good call by Charlie, really. They looked like they rolled up into a blitz and Charlie made a good check on the one-on-one. It was a good check by Charlie, I don’t think it was anything special that I did.How did he think he played?You gotta get back to the film. The main thing I wanted to focus on tonight was effort, assignment, alignment, knowing what I was doing. The film is never as good as you think it is and probably never as bad.

We got a good win. It was good to see everyone get out there and play and fly around and have a good carry-over from practice. I think Tennessee put together a good drive on that first possession, but coach Carroll preaches you’ve got to keep playing and keep playing and believing and trusting what you do.

Did you have any emotions before the game?Not really because I knew what I was doing. The main thing is sometimes when you get to the game you want to change or switch something up.

I was really excited. I was more excited to get back in the atmosphere and to play again. I wasn’t really nervous. I’m usually more nervous when I’m thinking too much. Tonight I just kind of came out and wanted to play well and know my assignment. We’ll see how the film turns out.

CHARLIE WHITEHURSTOn the TD pass to WilliamsIt looked like they were bringing some pressure there and Mike was one-on-one. He's a big, thick target and I just gave him that little short route there and he made a great play. I thought that he was going to go. I may have thrown my arms up a little too soon, but I'm glad he got there.

On his first game with the SeahawksIt's nice to go out there and play well. But again, it's the first preseason game. You got three more preseason games, we got a long season. We'd like to go out and play well every time. It's nice it was the first one, but it doesn't mean all that much. We've got a bunch more this season and we've got to come every week and execute.