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Closing time at Camp Carroll

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said the first unit offense and defense will play more this Saturday against Green Bay, so expect them to play close to a half of football.

“The first group guys will get more extensive work,” he said. “So that means that the guys who are fighting for positions have really got to make something of their time when they get their opportunities in the second half, and it will go like that through next week as well.”

With the players finishing camp on this afternoon, Carroll was asked his thoughts on how he felt about his first training camp, which included players having only four, two-a-days during the 20 days of camp.

“I don’t think there’s any question we’ve accomplished how to practice,” Carroll said. “And we know how we want to practice. We learned how to do that in OTAs, but until you put the pads on and you learn the tempo and the hitting and how that all fits together, you don’t really know. So we’re practicing well.”

Wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh certainly noticed a difference from last’s camp with Jim Mora to this year with Carroll.

“We worked hard, but I think Coach Carroll gave us a good amount of time off,” Houshmandzadeh said. “I don’t think guys are banged up at all. I didn’t have one day where I was really sore at all. And I would like to say it’s because I worked hard in the offseason, but coach would probably say because they took care of us.”

As far as what the team needs to see specifically, Carroll said they still need a lot of work, including continued work on the running game and sorting through the competition at running back to see who fits best, and at what role.

Carroll said Leon Washington should get his first work of the preseason, but will not be involved in the kicking game this week.

“We’re really excited about Leon playing this week,” Carroll said. “And he’s had terrific preparation for hit. He’s been banged around plenty of times here, been knocked off his feet and has been tackled plenty of times here. He’s ready to go at this point, so we’ll see where he is.”

Carroll also mentioned position battles at running back, in the secondary and at linebackers as areas of focus heading into Saturday’s game against Green Bay.

As far as Leroy Hill goes, Carroll said the team still needs to hear from the league, which is now responsible for evaluating the situation in terms of the personal conduct policy. Hill is headed for a settlement in the domestic dispute he was involved with at his home in Issaquah.

“We won’t know really all about the court stuff until we hear from the league on what that all means,” Carroll said. “But he’s completed everything he needs to do in that regard.

“As far as his knee is concerned, he’s still a couple weeks out. But he’s progressing very well. And the trainers feel like there’s no question he’s going to be back in about three to four weeks from now, and going full speed.”

As far as Ray Willis and his knee issue goes, Carroll said he does not know if the veteran offensive tackle has had surgery yet, but said he does have some substantial rehabilitation in his future and will miss the beginning of the regular season.

Housh is back: After missing three days to take care of personal issues, wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh was back at practice on Thursday. Houshmandzadeh did not elaborate on the situation he had to attend to, but he went through the full, two-hour practice and appears ready to play on Saturday.

“It was a little minor situation, nothing big,” Houshmandzadeh said. “There’s nothing to get into. It was so minor there’s nothing to get into. It was just a minor incident, that’s all.”

DE Jackson gone: Carroll addressed the Lawrence Jackson trade today after practice, which had to be a a tough move for him and the organization to make.

“I love Lawrence Jackson,” Carroll said. “I’ve known him since he was 14 years old. And I care a lot about his future and what he’s doing. This is a good opportunity for Lawrence. So we made a deal, and John got a chance to work something out. Hopefully it will work out for Lawrence, and we’ll be rooting for him.”Injury update: TE Chris Baker, OT Ray Willis, LB Leroy Hill and DT Craig Terrill did not practice today. OL Chester Pitts and CB Josh Pinkard remain on the active PUP list.