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Quick hitter on Leroy

Just saw the item on Leroy Hill and the reported restructuring of his contract to stay with the Hawks. This one is from Mike Sando on I'm sure Eric will check in with greater detail and specifics later. But this for right now: When linebackers learn the game, one of the first things they're taught is "leverage." You play the game inside-out, you force your opponent in the direction you want him to go to reduce his options. In a business sense, Hill did not learn this lesson. His off-field issues, his missing of camp and OTAs, etc., all contributed to his diminished importance to the Seahawks. He surrendered his leverage. At a lower price, he has a better chance to stick with the team, and perhaps regain his status and value. In the meantime, the Seahawks are not on the hook paying huge money for an overvalued, under-producing linebacker who will have to sit out a league-mandated suspension for misbehavior.