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Hasselbeck welcomes quarterback competition

Veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and newcomer Charlie Whitehurst are supposed to be embroiled in a quarterback competition. However, listening to the two players talk about each other you would think they are riding two-seat bicycles together after practice and singing Kumbaya while roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Hasselbeck said he was at the NFLPA meetings in Maui when he got a call from Seahawks' brass that they had made the trade for Whitehurst.

"They kind of just explained, 'Hey, listen. He's a young guy, and we want to make that room as good as possible,'" Hasselbeck said. "And Pete (Carroll) just sort of laid out his general philosophy about football, about football teams and about how to win. And that's competing and bringing out the best in each guy.

"Ironically it sounded so similar to a Mike Holmgren talk about, 'Hey, I'm going to push you guys further than even you know you can be pushed. That's what my goal is. I'm trying to get the absolute best out of you guys. And that's great. No sweat. It's totally cool."

Hasselbeck went on to say that he believes you're always competing, not only with guys on the roster buy everyone in the NFL. He used an example from when he was in Green Bay and he thought he had made the active roster, but the Packers signed Rick Mirer after he was cut from the Chicago Bears to be the team's third quarterback.

"I welcome the change," he said. "I love the philosophy. I'm all in."

Whitehurst said he feels the same way.

"I called him when I got into town and he's the one that's been text messaging me the most," Whitehurst said. "So he's been very welcoming, and I expect there to be a friendship there."

Both have looked a little rusty in practice as they learn offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates' new offense.

Whitehurst said the minicamps are all about getting their reps in and developing a rapport with the new receivers.

"You try to move forward," Whitehurst said. "You try to improve every day, and hopefully tomorrow is better than today."

Bates had this to say about Chris Spencer moving back to center.

"He's a natural center," Bates said. "He's quick off the ball. He has great hands. He's a leader of that line. He's nasty. It' a natural position for him."