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Hamilton will serve mentor for Okung

Seahawks offensive line coach Alex Gibbs said recent free agent signee Ben Hamilton will play left guard and serve as a mentor for new left tackle Russell Okung, the same thing Hamilton did when he helped a young Ryan Clady learn the zone blocking system in Denver.

“You can’t throw him out there without someone to guide them,” Gibbs said. “We needed a player that had done that, and knew the system that I knew, to help him make the transfer. That’s what Ben is for.

“Ben will line up inside of him and guide him through this whole process. So he’s Coach one, I’m Coach two. That’s why he’s here.”

Gibbs said he was a bit anxious waiting for Kansas City to select at No. 5 with Okung still on the board.

“I was scared to death because I know (Chief line coach Bill Muir) line coach there very well and he wanted this kid as bad, or worse, than I did,” Gibbs said. “And he didn’t get him. So we quickly texted him and said, ‘Ha, ha,’ and all that good stuff. “We’re all in the same community and we all think together so that’s kind of the way it is.”

Listen to Gibbs talks about Okung in the audio file down below.