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We have a winner for the 2010 Seahawks mock draft

Well, winners actually. Hefferous and HawksfaninMT both got two picks correct in this year’s second annual Seahawks mock draft, correctly picking the Seahawks to select Russell Okung and Earl Thomas with the team’s first, two picks.

Andy A also got the first round correct, selecting Okung and Thomas in the first round. However, he did not make selections after the first round.

Others to correctly pick Okung first include Eric Williams, Dukeshire, Jjsnix, Subtlesquire, TP10Super10, Oceanic, JMSeaTown, Paleydr and JohnD.

KelosHawk, Rollo73 and Seahawklovertoo correctly picked Thomas.

We again showed our ineptitude when selecting Seahawks’ draft choices, with only one person correctly picking a player after the first round.

Allen F correctly picked Seattle selecting Walter Thurmond, although he had him going in the sixth round. The Seahawks selected Thurmond in the fourth round.

Check out the results here. Seahawksmockdraft2010We had 37 entrants this year. Thanks for everyone who participated. Hefferour and HawksfaninMT email me privately and I’ll get you set up with your prize.