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A roster update, player evaluations on draft picks

Here’s an up-to-date Seahawks roster heading into this weekend’s post-draft minicamp.


I’m counting 85 guys on the roster right now, but that includes all of the draft picks, and none of those guys have been signed yet. So the roster during the offseason obviously will be fluid, with player evaluations happening throughout the offseason.

Here are the 15 tryout players out this week:Chris Richards, CB, Stony Brook (5-11,181)Victor James, WR, New Mexico (6-1, 207)Chris Duvalt, WR, Illinois (5-10, 173)Tom Malone, P, USC (6-0, 205)Eric McCain, WR, Glendale CC (6-5, 200)Bradley George, QB, Texas State (6-5, 227)Danny Carmichael, FB, Middle Tennessee (5-11, 238)Marcus Udell, CB, Middle Tennessee (5-10, 184)Mike Morales, FB, UC Davis, (6-0, 241)Roderick Green, DE, Central Missouri, (6-2, 245)Joe Toledo, OT, Washington (6-5, 337)Steven Adams, OG, Troy (6-2, 324)Dan Doering, OT, Iowa (6-5, 301)LaJaun Ramsey, DT, USC (6-2, 291)Gerald Washington, DE, USC (6-5, 262)

We had a couple requests for player evaluations on the draft picks, so I’ve provided those below.

Russell Okung, offensive tackle (1st round, 6th overall)Southwest area scout Matt Berry on Okung: “We started watching tape probably in spring going into this year and having been in the area for five years, you notice guys that are talented prior to when they’re draft eligible.

“I had a little bit of a feel for Russell and just the way he played prior to this year. What sticks out on tape is how he finishes, ho tough he is, and then obviously the play strength is really good.

“There’s some things he need to clean up in his game, but when you start as many games consecutively as he has in one of the bigger conferences, he sticks out. You are going to see that the first time you see him in minicamp. It’s not a hard evaluation, you know, when you’re the sixth pick in the draft.

“Russell’s the type of guy that he’s going to maximize his opportunity. He’s not satisfied with getting drafted. He’s a self-made guy. He was 250 pounds when he came to Oklahoma State and passed over by a lot of schools a little bit – Oklahoma University and other schools like that.

He’s made himself into a 300-pound guy and just his work ethic and the way he cares about football and the way he carries himself is really impressive.

“He has the type of demeanor you want in an offensive lineman. There’s not a lot of B.S. to hi. He’s tough, he loves football and he works his tail off. All those things are really attractive about him.”Earl Thomas, Safety (1st round, 14th overall)

Berry on Thomas: “What he really has a knack for is reacting to the ball and reacting to what he sees. He’s one of those guys that is rare athletically in terms of being able to see something and then being able to move. He can react. His reaction time from what he sees to his feet getting there is really quick.

“There’s a play in the Red River game where he read it and tackled the guy for a loss, stripped the ball and then recovered it. He has the ability to change the game from the safety position and have an impact on the ball. That jumps off tape.“As a scout, and you see a guy flying sideline to sideline, you see him anticipating the ball, it’s not – these are two of the top 20 guys in the draft – so it’s not a hard evaluation.

“So you really, as an area scout, it’s a lot of fun to get these guys. What’s great about Russ and what’s great about Earl is they’re willing. They’re coming in, they’re going to work, they’re going to fit into our culture and there’s just not a lot else outside of football.”

Golden Tate, wide receiver (2nd round, 60th overall)

Head coach Pete Carroll on Tate: “He’s a very unique player – a guy that makes a lot of things happen. He does it a lot of ways. He’s a very good runner with the ball after the catch. (He has) tremendous numbers and consistency in his performance. He ability to run the ball as well – he’s got some stats running the ball.

“Return ability. A ton of touchdowns, he had some 20 to 25 touchdowns or somewhere in there these last two years.

“We’ve competed against him and seen him on film a bunch and felt like I knew him well and really had a lot of respect for him. He played very well against us (at USC) and against some really good players. He was able to make things happen even when we were trying to stop him. I was excited about him, the scouts were excited about him, John (Schneider) really liked the heck out of him and s we felt very fortunate to get him.

Walter Thurmond, cornerback (4th round, 111th overall)West Coast scout Eric Stokes on Thurmond: “He’s very well rounded, actually. You’re talking about a guy who has excellent instincts in zones, but he can also play man-press, and he can turn and run with guys. You’re getting a really well-rounded player, a very polished player, a guy that is going to bring a lot of versatility, that’s what is so exciting about him. You’re talking about a guy who was a four-year starter, who has done a little bit of everything. He’s been outside the numbers, he’s been in the slot. He definitely brings some versatility.”

E.J. Wilson, defensive end (4th round, 127th overall)

Eastern region director of college scouting Mike Yowarsky on Wilson: “He is a true senior. He came to North Carolina as a tight end. He’s a kid that grew into his position. He went from a tight end to a linebacker and eventually to a defensive end. As a player he has good strength. We’re looking at him as a 5-and-6 technique. Plays the runs well. Real smart kid, on the quiet side.

On Wilson’s pass rushing: “He’s more of a power guy. As of know, he’s a better run defender than pass rusher. In terms of a pass rusher, he’s power, not a speed/takeoff guy. In terms of scheme of what they want to do with the 5-and-6 technique, that’s where the power guys are going to line up. He’s going to line up on the strong side, or the left side.” Kam Chancellor, safety (5th round, 133rd overall)Yowarsky on Chancellor: “Kam’s a true senior as well. He was a 4-year starter as well. He started off at linebacker and strong safety and free safety. He’s going to be more of a strong safety. He played a little bit out of position in terms of free, but he was their best fre. In terms of a player, he’s an in-the-hole run player. Coverage-wise he’s more of a short zone – don’t want to really match him up in the slots man-to-man, that’s not his thing. His best thing is coming down hill and hitting people. From a personal side, fine kid, smart, articulate, all of that. He’s going to do well with you guys in terms of interviews and all that.”

Anthony McCoy, tight end (6th round, 185th overall)

GM John Schneider on McCoy: “He slipped for some of the off-the-field reasons, and it just got to the point where we were comfortable with him as well. He is one of the more talented guys in the draft in terms of the full complement of blocking and receiving, and with Jeremy (Bates) and Rocky (Soto) having recruited him, and obviously Pete Knowing this guy, we just felt like, at that spot, he was kind of a no brainer for us. It had to be at that spot, though.”

Dexter Davis, defensive end (7th round, 236th overall)

Head coach Pete Carroll on Davis: “We played against him for years and he gave our guys a really hard time the last time we played him, and worked him in pass rush that night for awhile.” Jameson Konz, wide receiver (7th round, 245th overall)

Schneider on Konz: “I think he’s 6-3 and 223 pounds and ran a 4.46 and verticled 46 inches, and he’s played linebacker, and he’s played like an H-back. That’s where you take a guy like that, and we’ll play him at receiver and let it rip. The guys are really excited about it, and our staff’s been looking for good receivers.”