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A few comments from Housh from Sirius interview

T.J. Houhsmandzadeh was interviewed Sirius NFL Radio last night with Bryan McGovern and Randy Cross. Though I'm sure Housh did most of the talking.  He had some interesting things to say about former head coach Jim Mora's practices and he also feels he should have 100 catches this season (haven't we heard that before).

On his personal expectations for the 2010 season:

“I think 100 catches, to me, should be the minimum I get this year just because of the offense we’re in.  I don’t feel like last year, I wasn’t a priority in the game plan and I was almost so much told that last year.  That’s just not how it’s gonna be.  After I got there, not before.  And so I believe this year it’s gonna be one of those things where, T.J., you’re gonna have to show us that you can carry the load or you’re not going to carry the load. You’re going to either fail or succeed.  And I welcome that.  Don’t let me sit on the fence.  Let me show you I can do it or let me show you I can’t.  And I look forward to that because I’m going to show them that I can do it.”
On head coach Pete Carroll:
“He just brings like a presence.  Our practices are different.  They’re a lot more competitive.  And Coach Carroll, he stresses that, the competitiveness, the competitiveness.  But I think they’re just a lot more competitive than they were last year.  Coach Mora knows I love him and I don’t have to toot his horn.  He knows how I feel.  I just felt like last year our practices were not competitive.  And with the practices being competitive, the guy across from me, regardless of who it is, is going to push me to be my best and I’m going to push him to be his best.  And that’s what you want because that’s how you get better.  If the guy across from me is taking it easy, how am I getting any better and vice versa?  And so I think that’s the biggest thing he brings.  You’re gonna work your butt off, you’re gonna push your guy and your guy’s gonna push you.  And if you’re not doing it, if I can’t get rid of you, you won’t be playing, and if I can get rid of you, you’re out of here.”