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Where should the Seahawks' running backs corps rank?

UPDATE: This post was supposed to get finished yesterday, but then this guy named Griffey decided to retire and my normal beat took precedence. My apologies.

I meant to post this the other day, and I noticed that someone posted in the comment section with some terse words about it.

But anyway Yahoo's Jason Cole is going through positional rankings amongst the NFL teams.

He recently posted his the running back rankings.

And as a team, he rated the Seahawks 29th out of 32 teams with only the Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns behind them.

Here's an excerpt ...

Fact is, picking the best of this lot – which took a hit with the release of LenDale White on Friday – is like trying to distinguish among a basket of bruised fruit.

My question as I alluded to in the headline:

Is this a fair assessment?

Obviously, Hawk fans don't want to hear that about their team. I know many of you love Justin Forsett and think he could be a bigger contributor than he has been.

But put away the neon colored glasses for a moment and try and look at it objectionably as possible. Should this group be ranked near the bottom.

Let's a look a little at it.

Forsett was definitely a pleasant surprise last year. He rushed for 619 yards and averaged 5.4 yards per carry with four touchdowns. But he was also fantastic out of the backfield, particularly on screen passes where he showed an ability to make people miss, break tackles and better speed than most expected. However, there is still a question of whether he can be an every down back, not just from a physical standpoint but in terms of durability and even whether or not his playmaking would stand up with 30-plus touches per game.

Julius Jones has been a disappointment on most levels since joining the Seahawks. He rushed for 663 yards on 177 carries for a paltry 3.7 yards per carry.

And it's really not fair to have high expectations from Leon Washington, who is recovering from a gruesome broken leg. And even when he's completely healthy, he's not an every down back. And he'll be the first to say so.

So what do you think: Should the Hawks be rated 29th in terms of running backs. I don't think it's unreasonable. We've heard the talk about Marshawn Lynch, but right now if you look at the running back position, it might be the weakest aspect of the offense in terms of depth. I told Eric that they should have really taken a back late in the draft. He mentioned Monterio Hardesty. But really they thought LenDale White was going to be part of this group and for reasons that were completely in his control -- he's not.

So if you are ranking the running backs groups in the NFL, where do you rank the Hawks?