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BREAKING NEWS: Seahawks release Mike Jones

Yes, that's sarcasm in the headline. Yes, I use it a lot.  Yes, this is about six hours late. No, I don't have much of an excuse for it. Yes, I'm sure Eric isn't pleased with my effort filling in this week.

I make no excuses for my Frank-ness on the blog, other than my other responsibilities at the Trib have kind of kept me preoccupied this week.

As the headline said, the Hawks released  Mike Jones.

Not this Mike Jones ... who rapped ... "I'm Mike Jones, don't act like you don't know my name. Ain't nuttin' changed but my change, I'ma stay the same."

But the receiver they picked up off waivers from the Houston Texans.

That means they only have 3,245,539 receivers left on the roster.