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Quickee pre-practice answers

On the question about Gibbs' early influence on the offensive line:

Before the O-Line went mute (another Gibbs influence), I talked to Sean Locklear about his impressions. He said the line greatly respected his reputation, and that his gruff nature might be exactly what they need.

An example: After one play in OTAs, when Okung squared off with Red Bryant a little bit, Gibbs praised Okung for not backing down. "Take no (expletive)," Gibbs told him. That seemed a real display of Gibbs' nature and also the influence he will have on the group.

Okung's run blocking has been very good, I think. He has an uncommonly (for NFL tackles) low stance which seems suited for run blocking but might be a liability in pass blocking.

I haven't noticed any deficiencies in Tate's routes, other than Carroll saying that he has made some mistakes. Tate seems to be able to make up for it with the ability to go up in traffic and come down with the ball.

As for Thomas, I've seen less from him, but he has noticeable closing speed and seems to have a centerfielder's knack for getting to the play.

Oh, and the third tight end. To me, McCoy has looked like one of the real steals of the draft. Seriously. I haven't seen much of his blocking (it's "non-contact" anyway), but he looks like a real thoroughbred, a guy who can really run and catch. He also looks comfortable in the system.

Kind of a barometer of how he's doing, to me, seems to be that it looks like Hasselbeck is at ease throwing it to him whenever anything downfield doesn't open up. That's an example of trusting a rookie to be where he's supposed to be.