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Big Red

My column for tomorrow's paper will be on Red Bryant. On Tuesday, Pete Carroll touted him as the surprise player of the offseason. A little-used defensive tackle, Bryant has been kicked out to defensive end and was working with the first group. Bryant is always a fun interview. He's a very humble and respectful guy from a little town in rural Texas. He said the move to end was the idea of Coach Dan Quinn, but Carroll really liked the idea. He told Bryant that he was going to give him a chance to show what he can do. With that bit of a boost, Bryant blossomed. At 330 pounds, Bryant is expected to be a run-stopping force from the 5-technique position. He'll likely be a first- and second-down kind of a guy, but there was one play in team sessions on Wednesday when he beat his man and chased Matt Hasselbeck out of the pocket.

I've done a couple columns in Bryant since he's been here. A few highlights ... he was dating Jacob Green's daughter at Texas A&M for two years before he discovered who her father was. Last year, he told a funny story about how he and Brandon Mebane were such close buddies. They were going out to eat all the time. I figured those two guys could really put away some barbecue. Nah, he said, they love to go out for sushi. Seriously? Yeah, well, it's sushi, but it's a LOT of sushi.

Am going to transcribe the tape and write it up for tomorrow's paper.