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Morning links: Q & A with Carroll

Jim Moore of had a 45-minute sit down with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, attempting to peel off some of the layers of Seattle’s newest head coach. It’s an interesting read, offering yet another perspective on Carroll as a person.

As always, Moore does a nice job of unearthing some nuggets of information with his sometimes offbeat but poignant questions.

Here’s an excerpt, with Moore asking Carroll about his sleep patterns:

How much sleep do you get on an average night?

“Sleep is overrated generally. I don't sleep that well and don't sleep that long. I value it, but it's just not for me, though I know it's a good thing to be rested and not sleep-deprived.

“I operate better at night than I do in the morning. My mind works better the later I go. I almost have to wait sometimes to do stuff. Creative things happen better for me later at night. I probably get about five hours a night.

“I stay up late because something might happen. If I stay up a little longer, a movie might come on or whatever, something good might happen, a phone call, I just don't want to shut it down. It's the same mentality as a sophomore in college. I'm afraid I might miss something, and I'm still that way.”

Dan Graziano of NFL Fanhouse talks with Seahawks running back Leon Washington about his return to the field.

League commissioner Roger Goodell tells rookies to respects the game and the fans who follow it at the rookie symposium in Southern California.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times has more on Goodell. The league commissioner says 14 teams will be doing testing on different type of pads.

Vic Carucci of he NFL Network picks San Francisco to win the NFC West.

Houston Texans offensive tackle Eric Winston takes over Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback this week, offering five ways he would change the NFL, and also picking San Francisco to come out of the NFC West.

Ed Thompson of Fox Sports reports in his Seven Points feature that journeyman quarterback and UW product Mark Brunell is prepared to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy after earning over $50 million in his NFL career.

Nate Davis of USA Today offers 10 reasons he’ll take Football over Futbol any day of the week. The World Cup has been fun to watch, but I would have to agree with Davis here. It’s June, so it’s not like we have a choice to watch anything else.