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Pete Carroll gives roster-spot endorsements for B.J. Daniels, Christine Michael

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll loves the “rare” versatility B.J. Daniels gives at wide receiver, on special teams and, if need be, quarterback.
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll loves the “rare” versatility B.J. Daniels gives at wide receiver, on special teams and, if need be, quarterback. AP

Pete Carroll made interesting points yesterday that hinted on how the bottom of the 53-man roster may settle at wide receiver and running back.

B.J. Daniels and Christine Michael appear to have the inside tracks to spots for the regular season.

Asked following Monday’s practice about the versatility of Daniels, the former quarterback at South Florida who was the Seahawks’ No. 3 QB last season but is now a wide receiver and special-teams player, Carroll said: "It's the more you can do. That's a real motto in the league.

“I loved that he covered kickoffs so aggressively, too. This is his second game as a wide receiver ever, so we take that into account. He's shown a lot of good things. He's got a lot of good, natural ability. He is very competitive kid. We like the heck out of him. And the fact that he can play quarterback is huge. It's rare to have a guy like that."

That doesn’t sound like someone he is about to cut in the next two weeks. The 90-man roster must go down to 75 next Tuesday, Sept. 1. The 53-man roster must be set Saturday, Sept. 5.

Michael, the team’s second-round pick in 2013, seemed to be fighting undrafted rookies Thomas Rawls and Rod Smith for the third running-back spot after Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin. But when Carroll was asked Monday how much of a push Rawls and Smith are giving Michael, the coach said this:

"Well, they are kinda just trying to make it, trying to hang right now. I don't know if they are pushing anybody but just pushing themselves right now, trying to figure it out, finding their way onto special teams, showing they can do something when they get a chance,” Carroll said. “We really like the way that they've competed so far. Unfortunately, there's only two games left here to figure it out. But they are doing well."

Uh-oh for them.

As for Michael, he made some crunching blocks in Friday’s second exhibition at Kansas City. But he also appeared to go the opposite way of the play design once, and nearly lost a fumble when he dropped the ball at the end of a carry just after his knees hit the turf on a tackle. He finished with 27 yards on 10 carries behind an offensive line that didn’t open many holes for anyone in the run game.

His coach had a positive review of latest in Michael’s four-exhibition-game test this summer.

“He did (have) a couple great blocks. Unfortunately the guy got hurt on one of them. But that's just an illustration that his game is rounding out,” Carroll said. “He's done a nice job. Ran the ball well we he had his chances. When he ran it he ran it really well."