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Some of what Seahawks said after another surprising loss at St. Louis begins 2015 season

VIDEO: Russell Wilson on final play vs Rams

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson speaks to the media Sunday about the final moments of the overtime loss to the Rams.
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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson speaks to the media Sunday about the final moments of the overtime loss to the Rams.

Here below is some of what the Seahawks said following Sunday’s 34-31 loss at St. Louis, which Richard Sherman nailed:

Some of it was either ominous or hard to believe, such as Russell Wilson saying the Rams are “arguably one of the best teams we’ll play all year—in our opinion, at least.” That’s with a trip next weekend awaiting to Green Bay, the team that had the Seahawks down 16-0 into the fourth quarter of January’s NFC title game before Seattle’s miraculous comeback.

The Seahawks came back again Sunday with 18 unanswered points to begin the fourth quarter. Then Dion Bailey fell down in man coverage. Lance Kendricks ran past him for the tying score in the final minute of regulation. Pete Carroll made his decision to try what he and kicker Steven Hauschka said was an attempt at a high, looping, “pooch” kickoff farther down the field. Hauschka plopped it into barely 10 yards into the arms of the not-fooled Rams to set up St. Louis at midfield to begin overtime. All-Pro cornerback Sherman got beaten by Rams quarterback Nick Foles for the only completion and first down St. Louis needed for what became the winning field goal. And Seattle’s line got ransacked for the final time on fourth and 1. Even as good as Marshawn Lynch is running through would-be tacklers, he had no chance and the game ended.


Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll

(Opening statement)

“I think in pretty typical fashion, it was hard to get started here. We struggled early in this game and we were fortunate to be tied at halftime. I think it was a fantastic game by the Rams. There were all kind of cool plays to give them a chance and a chance to win when they had to. We had our shot in this game. I think all three phases and coaches, we need to do better, we need to play better. I am disappointment across the board that we weren’t sharper than we looked out there. There were times, we had our moments, but it was not enough. When we had a chance to finish the game, we didn’t finish it. I will go back and look at film and find out what happened in particular instances. In general we didn’t play sharp enough to get a win today and they did. Normally when we get three turnover and they get one, we win. We have been doing that for a long time. We did capitalize on the turnovers effectively, but it still didn’t spell the win that we needed. Tough day for us. We will regroup and get going. We will do all of that.”

(On the onside kick)

“We just didn’t execute that. That is not what was supposed to happen. We just didn’t execute properly on the kick.”

(On if the kick was supposed to be longer down the field)


(On if the kicker made a decision)

“No, we were kicking the ball to a certain area of the field and we didn’t hit it right. So we didn’t execute the kick right, that is all. As simple as that.”

(On where they were kicking the ball)

“We were kicking the ball way down the field.”

(On the last play with RB Marshawn Lynch)

“I can’t tell you, but they got penetration on it. We had been making two and three yards on that all day long. That was a play we had been making all throughout the day, and it worked well. I don’t know how they got the penetration, but they did and we weren’t able to knock it in.”

(On the effect sacks had on the team)

“This is as athletic a group as we are going to face. They had an edge on us early. I think once our guys settled down, they played a lot better. We felt more confident as we were working during the second half. I think we played with confidence all day long. We thought we were going to win the game. We never thought we weren’t. It just didn’t happen. This was a great challenge for our guys and they kind of righted it and with the tempo change we implemented it seemed to help us and we played better with that. I am really anxious to see (inaudible) open up.”

(On the Seahawks offensive front)

“I have to look at the film. Whenever we give up four (six) sacks we have a heck of a fight. We will wait and see. I have to evaluate the film first.”

(On the tying touchdown)

“ We just got beat one-on-one up the sidelines. It was the next ball for them and the next play and I guess he stumbled and wasn’t able to return the play.”

(On if Kam Chancellor’s absence today was noticed)

“That is not where my focus is now. We had a lot of aspects of this game. Where we could have played better football and we are going to try and clean that stuff up.”

(On using TE Jimmy Graham more during the second half)

“We got knocked around a little bit on the pass rush and we didn’t get the chances. We had him in the gameplan throughout and he did an excellent job I thought when he got his chance. He made a great catch on the touchdown pass and he made some really good come-through plays for us. I thought the receivers did an excellent job at catching the ball and making things happen. They did a really cool job. WR Jermaine Kearse came through and made his plays and gave us a chance.”

(On CB Cary Williams and his sack-fumble)

“They had been bracketing us early and we were just trying to put pressure on them as opposed to trying to cover them. You know pressure first, and it was a great call by (Defensive Coordinator) Kris Richard and very perfect execution by Cary. Just an exquisite play. The best thing you can do in football is to force someone and make a touchdown on it.”

(On QB Russell Wilson facing pressure)

“Again I want to look and see. I thought he was competing. He got us ahead in the game and got us a chance to win the football game.”

(On WR Tyler Lockett’s touchdown)

“That was something. I haven’t seen the replay of it at all, so I just watched it on the field. It looked like there was a lot of space, so we must have blocked well. You give him that kind of space, he is going to do something with it. We knew halfway through the kick that he was going to score, because we have seen him do it already.”

(The officials’ explanation of the onside kick regarding the fair catch)

“It is common for onside kicks to bounce and hit the ground first and then you can’t make a fair catch signal once the ball hits the ground. They had to figure it out. They had to talk about it and figure it out. It was a blooped kick so it was legal to make the signal. It was not an invalid signal. The missed that. They figured that the ball had bounced, the kick was so off that they misread the kick. One of the other officials or the other sideline did a good job of clearing that up.”

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

(On how difficult it is to play in St. Louis)

“Yeah, it’s always a battle. Facing these guys, it’s always a tough game and we look forward to these games. That’s what it’s about. The NFC West is such a challenging division and the goal is to go 1-0 every week. We came up a little short, but I love the way we fought back in the second half. That’s what it’s about, especially going into the first game against a very tough team—arguably one of the best teams we’ll play all year—in our opinion, at least. It’s one of those things where you keep battling and keep facing the challenges and we just came up short.”

(On playing with an up-tempo offense)

“Yeah, the up tempo, the no huddle, just putting pressure on their defense and making plays, that was huge for us. It’s something that I think we’ve done extremely well for the past three years, really. It’s been a lot of fun doing that and I think it’s something where we may consider hopping into that if we’re having a bit of a lull. Like I said, their defense is a challenging, challenging defense and they make a lot of plays. It was a battle and we knew it was going to be a battle to the end. That’s what it’s about.”

(On the pressure by the Rams’ defensive front)

“They’re one of the best defensive lines in the National Football League. They made some plays. I think a little bit of it is on me, just to see if I can find a way to get the ball out a little quicker and to just continue to work. I think the offensive line did a tremendous job, especially in the second half. They did a great job. There’s a lot of positives to it. I’m excited for (C) Drew Nowack, in his first game. I thought he did a phenomenal job and battled with some of the best guys you’re going to face. That was the exciting part for him. You look forward to the next challenge and look forward to getting back to practice.”

(On how the no-huddle approach helps the offense)

“The no-huddle helps just because it puts pressure on the defense and tires them down, especially when you have a defensive line that runs that well and makes plays. It wears them down a little bit. I think also, when you get in a rhythm—offense is such a rhythm game, so once you get in a rhythm, you want to continue to make plays.”

(On if there was an effort to go with the hurry-up offense on the final two plays)

“No, I think we were just going with what we had been doing the whole game. I think it was third down and maybe six or seven, and so they did a good job. I tried to step up (and was) just short. I thought I was going to get that first down and reached out, but they made a good play. The next play, we handed it off and thought it was going to work and they made a great play.”

(On if there was a concerted effort to throw the ball to TE Jimmy Graham in the second half)

“The goal is to throw the ball to the right guy at the right time. Jimmy did a great job getting open. He made a lot of great plays. Jermaine Kearse, Doug Baldwin. I’m excited about little (Tyler) Lockette making some plays, and that punt return that he had. There are so many play makers. Chris Matthews and Ricardo Lockette. To have that many guys, it’s a lot of fun to play with them. In the backfield, Fred Jackson and Marshawn (Lynch), it’s a lot of fun playing with these guys.

(On the performance of the offensive line)

“I think the line is doing a great job. They faced a great defensive line. Like I said, some of those plays were on me, too, and so you just need to go back and study the film and see what you can do better and see what you did well and just continue to grow.”

(On what happened on the final play)

“I’ll have to look at it on film. I think they just penetrated and made a good play, made the tackle.”

(On if the play was a good look from the pre-snap read)

“Yeah, I think it was a good look. It was a tough look, but a good look. I think we can definitely make that play, and they just made the play.”

(On if he could have changed the play from the line)

“I always have the option to change the play. That’s always the case for the most part. It’s a good play. It’s 4th-and-one, and we have the best running back in the National Football League. We’ll see if he can get it, and unfortunately, he didn’t.”

Seahawks DE Michael Bennett

(On if today’s loss was disappointing)

“Every loss is disappointing, but you have to learn from the losses and look at the mistakes. When you come in together and you have young players in there, and you have a good (running) back … this is growth. Every game is growth when you’ve got young players in here. That’s all we’re looking for is to keep improving and I think we can improve very well as long as we stay together. Whenever you lose everyone is going to turn around saying this and that, (Safety) Kam Chancellor this … but we still were in the game. Regardless of what the situation was, we had more opportunities during the game but we just didn’t. Those things happen in the NFL but you’ve got to be strong and keep going after it.”

(On both defenses giving up a lot of points)

“It’s one of those things where both offenses were out doing stuff they normally don’t do. We were doing plays they haven’t seen and they were doing a lot of trick plays … throwing the ball and you’re thinking they’re running it. That’s how it is when you play against them and the first game is always like that in the NFL. The first game is where teams come out and they do things they haven’t done because you haven’t studied the plays. Then you get used to it, you come back and understand what the offenses are doing.”

WR/PR Tyler Lockett

(On his 57-yard punt return in the 1st quarter)

“For the most part we had a simple return. And like I said earlier, every day in practice, every day in the games we always have the number one unit out there and they block their butts off. That’s really all you can ask. They always do their job and I have to make sure I do my part. I even remember two guys (Rams) who didn’t even get off the line during that play. So it says a lot about our punt return team.”

(More on the punt return)

“It’s all about instincts and relying on your instincts. For me the biggest thing is not to think too much. I try to catch it and go play.”

(On his first game and moving forward after the loss)

“It’s a learning experience. Not everybody is fortunate enough to go undefeated the whole entire season. Today is just adversity and now it’s how you bounce back, it’s how you respond. We all learned something and we’ll be ready to get back to the drawing board and start all over again.”

(On why the offense begin to respond later in the game)

“I think we began to get our assignments clear. It’s all about doing your part and sometimes we would and sometimes we wouldn’t. Finally, we got things rolling and we saw what this offense is capable of doing.”

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman

(On the defense’s problems)

“We just have to tackle better. That was a big issue early on. We have to clean up some things but I think we’ll be fine.”

(On if he was surprised by the onside kick by Seattle to start overtime)

“Not really. They take risks. This is one of those games. When you’re playing the Rams it always takes one of those plays to either win it for you or lose it. Unfortunately we came up on the other end of it but we still gave our offense a chance to go down the field. Unfortunately we didn’t come out with it today.”

(On playing in slot coverage instead of outside)

“We just tried to mix it up a little bit today. We mixed up some coverages. They gave us some good opportunities out there and it worked out for the most part. It was fun. It was a fun game.”

Seahawks MLB Bobby Wagner

(On what worked for the defense to begin the game)

“We were just reading our keys, making plays and making tackles. It’s pretty simple, we were just getting to the ball.”

(On what changed when the team began to give up points)

“I’m not sure. They started playing with us with the personnel. We’ve got to do a better job tackling and do a better job reading the plays.”