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Fred Jackson’s car smashes into stop sign outside Seahawks headquarters; Renton police say it wasn’t drag racing

Fred Jackson’s sports car sits just outside Seahawks headquarters after a crash Tuesday.
Fred Jackson’s sports car sits just outside Seahawks headquarters after a crash Tuesday. 710 ESPN

This 2-4 season just keeps on keeping on for the Seahawks.

Renton Police Commander David Leibman told me Tuesday night that TMZ’s attention-grabbing report, off a tip, that Fred Jackson had crashed his sports car into a stop sign just outside Seahawks headquarters after what TMZ said was a “drag race” with teammate Marshawn Lynch, is not true.

Leibman said the arriving officer determined Jackson’s crash of his black, 2016 Chevrolet Corvette into a stop sign down a two-lane street that leads to and from the team’s Renton facility was “a one-car accident with minor damange -- certainly repairable -- and no injuries.”

“I know there was a report of drag racing. We didn’t find any indication of that. That is false,” Commander Leibman said.

“He said he was fine. He looked fine. Some people arrived from the VMAC (the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, team headquarters) and took him back there.”

Commander Leibman said the arriving officer “didn’t see anything to indicate impairment.” The crash happened soon after the Seahawks completed practice at the VMAC Tuesday afternoon.

Leibman said if there is any subsequent action by Renton PD it would likely be a “minor” citation for Jackson for inattention to driving. He said police have not yet determined how fast Jackson may have been driving.

No one I’ve talked to has said anything about Lynch’s involvement.

Jackson tweeted Tuesday evening that he lost control of his vehicle, that Lynch was among the teammates who stopped to check on him and that no one was drag racing him.

“Thanks 2 everyone worried about me. I lost control of my car. My teammates, including Marshawn, stopped 2 check on me. They weren't racin me,” Jackson tweeted on @Fred22Jackson.

Teammate Cliff Avril went on Twitter to call the TMZ report Lynch was involved a “lie.”

A tow truck eventually took away the 34-year-old Jackson’s car with New York plates. The Seahawks signed him in August after Buffalo released Lynch’s good friend.

The two shared the lead running role for the Bills in 2009 into 2010 before Lynch’s trade to Seattle, and Lynch lobbied the Seahawks to sign Jackson immediately after Buffalo released him this summer.

Brady Henderson of 710 AM radio in Seattle, the team’s flagship station, has video of Jackson’s car being towed away:

This is the second incident involving a car crash with a member of the Seahawks’ backfield in six days. Earlier Tuesday, the team reinstated fullback Derrick Coleman from the suspended list after he was jailed from Thursday into Friday following a two-car crash in Bellevue last Wednesday. Coleman is under investigation for felony vehicular assault and felony hit-and-run, a decision that rests with the King County prosecutor’s office.