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Michael Bennett: For Seahawks, anything less than getting back to another Super Bowl “is a waste of time...let’s whoop people’s a***s”

Michael Bennett was angry and venting all spring and summer. He was thinking he deserves more than the $6 million he is earning this season on the $28.5 million, four-year contract he signed with the Seahawks before last season.

"Still do," Bennett interrupted Wednesday, "but go on."

If he wants extra cash before next season, the defensive end should begin stand-up acts.

The Seahawks used the league’s morning announcement he was the NFC’s defensive player of the week for the first time to put him behind the podium in front of cameras in the main auditorium of team headquarters in Renton.

The result: Bennett was unguarded, unvarnished, un-giving-a-darn Bennett. Yet again.

He began by removing the Gatorade bottle that is a prop by the NFL sponsor on the podium for press conferences. Bennett himself doesn’t get any cash from speaking behind the bottle, the league does. So away it went behind the stand.

“Sorry Gatorade,” Bennett said while hiding it before he spoke for the cameras. “Water.”

He just cut to the chase on how the Seahawks veterans feel about this season. All of them from now on, in fact.

"When you go to the Super Bowl twice anything less than getting back to the championship is a waste of time,’’ Bennett said. "If we are going to be here, let’s go to the dance you know what I mean? If not, then we should just all stay home…

"If we are going to do this, let’s do it all the way. Let’s not half-hearted do it. Let’s go out here and whoop people’s asses and go home and watch TV, watch (The) Walking Dead."

Bennett had a career-best 3½ sacks last week in the rout of San Francisco. He continues to be just plain faster than most tackles outside and certainly guards and centers inside when he moves there as a hybrid tackle on passing downs.

During that show last Thursday in Santa Clara, California, Bennett stayed away from his usual, hip-shimmying sack dance and cut his usual number of hip thrusts in half. Once, when he didn’t even sack Colin Kaepernick but chased him into a throwaway in the 49ers’ own end zone, he kissed his biceps to mock the Niners’ QB celebration.

I asked him in the locker room at Levi’s Stadium after the game how far into his bag of celebrations he had to dig with all the sacks and pressures. He responded the NFL has warned players to cut out "sexually suggestive" celebrations.

He noted his Texas A&M teammate in 2007 and ’08, outside linebacker Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, got dinged by the league for his sack dances.

"Pete (Carroll) let me know Von got fined for doing three pumps," Bennett said. "So I’m just trying to keep it at 1½ pumps."

I asked him how 1½ pumps can keep him out of trouble with the NFL.

"I don’t know," Bennett said. "You can have a baby from one pump, from what they tell me."

Oh by the way, Mike Bennett, what was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?

"A black man.”

▪ The Seahawks’ practice report from Wednesday, when they were indoors again out of the rain:

Avril’s limited participation was likely rest; Carroll hasn’t mentioned him as injured and he was available to talk at his locker Wednesday as usual. The team doesn’t let media talk to injured players who aren’t practicing.

As noted in the post this morning, Bryant’s retrurn to practice today for Dallas makes it more likely Richard Sherman will be shadowing him Sunday in Arlington, Texas. Bryant has been out since he broke a bone in his foot in the opener seven weeks ago. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said on a conference call Wednesday morning the team needs to see how Bryant’s foot responds Thursday before knowing any more on if he can play Sunday.