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“Frisky” Seahawks do not activate WR Paul Richardson, so he won’t play at Dallas

Speedy, second-year wide receiver Paul Richardson is (almost) all the way back from reconstructive knee surgery. He just needs the Seahawks to active him off the physically-unable-to-perform list.
Speedy, second-year wide receiver Paul Richardson is (almost) all the way back from reconstructive knee surgery. He just needs the Seahawks to active him off the physically-unable-to-perform list. Staff photographer

Happy, safe Halloween night. I’ll be spending mine in Fort Worth, Texas, where the Seahawks (3-4) are staying ahead of Sunday afternoon’s game against the Cowboys (2-4) about 25 minutes away in Arlington, Texas.

The Seahawks had a walkthrough at AT&T Stadium Saturday. Here’s proof:

The Seahawks had until 1:25 p.m. Saturday to activate wide receiver Paul Richardson off the physically-unable-to-perform list for him to play Sunday. He’s been on the PUP list all season following reconstructive knee surgery in January. The league’s official transactions for Saturday did not include any from Seattle, so its top draft choice in 2014 will not make his 2015 season debut until Nov. 15 at home against Arizona at the earliest. That will be following next week’s bye for the Seahawks.

Fact is, the Seahawks have more pressing roster and depth needs for this Cowboys game than at wide receiver, such as along both lines and in the secondary. And until Seattle’s offensive line provides even a hint of consistent pass protection for quarterback Russell Wilson, it really may not matter if Steve Largent, Jerry Rice and Lance Alworth are the Seahawks’ wide outs this season. Sunday appears to be another game in which Seattle will need to run the ball early and often with Marshawn Lynch to move the ball with any regularity.

Below is what the Seahawks’ coach said ahead of the team leaving Friday.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

October 30, 2015

(On how the week of practice went) "This was a good week. Coming off the break you could tell. Our guys felt a little frisky. They’re legs were with them. So it really gives us a thought that we should play fast and strong this week."

(On how concerning Russell Okung’s injury is with Greg Hardy playing for the Cowboys) "Well Greg Hardy over there concerns you anyways. We’ll see what happens with Russell [Okung]. He caught his ankle yesterday in practice and got it rolled up a little bit. We’ll take it to gametime, so he’ll go in questionable at this point. We’ve got to wait and see, couldn’t do anything today, so we’ll see what happens."

(On if Okung’s injury is related to his previous toe injury) "No, he turned his ankle on the same foot."

(On if Okung’s injury is related to the San Francisco game) "No."

(On if Alvin Bailey would play for Okung) "Yeah, that’s a likely move for us."

(On how Paul Richardson made it through the week) "He did well. We’re still assessing that. We’re going to take him all the way to gametime and figure that out possibly. But he had a very good week. He looked good. He looked really fast. He had a tremendous return in the sense that he must have really, really worked hard at it, because he looked great out here on the practice field."

(On getting several players back from injuries this week) "Yeah, we’re looking like we have a number of guys returning. So we got some decisions to make on gameday, which is really good. Jordan Hill, and [Nick] Moody, Thomas Rawls made it back. So there’s some really good things happening during the week fortunately, and we’ll try to make the most of that."

(On if Okung’s injury changes the way the team will prepare and play) "No. A big no."

(On if there is a decision at the center position) "Wait and see. We’ll let you know when we have the decision for you."

(On Marcus Burley’s health through the week) "He did fine. And Marcus is back too, he’s ready to go. He’s going to be wearing a cast that looks very functional. He’s got really good use of his hand and all that. So we’re expecting him to play."

(On if Burley will start at the nickel position) "Have to wait and see."

(On Thomas Rawls injury) "Yeah, it’s a calf bruise, is what it was. And he bounced right back from it. He came out yesterday and ran well, and was good again today. So I don’t even know if we’ll need to run him on gameday, we’ll see. We’re in good shape with our number now, so we’ll see how that works out come Sunday."

(On if he is surprised at how quickly Rawls recovered) "Yeah, well we we’re hoping that it wasn’t a pulled muscle in there, and it wasn’t. So once they got the swelling out of there he felt pretty good about it. And then he looked very good yesterday, which was a great sign. So he’s ready to play."

(On if they are hoping to run the ball better in the second half like they have in the second half of previous seasons) "Really it has been all along, going from that history and the lessons that we learned. That it would take us some time. I didn’t want it to take us halfway through the season. But we have run the ball better in the last few weeks, and you can tell that we’re improving. So we’re going to try to build on that, and hopefully turn it this game again and play another good football game up front, and get us going. There’s a real sense and a confidence that we’re feeling the running game the way we want it. So having everybody healthy back there running the ball too, it helps. So we’ll see where it goes. But we did go through that. And it was really obvious that it took a long time. So we’ve gone through some growing pains and hopefully we can get out of it."

(On what he remembers from the last time the Seahawks went to Dallas in 2011) "Honestly, I don’t remember much significant about that game. We just didn’t win. I think after that we did some really good things. But in that game in particular, we struggled and didn’t play it the way we wanted to. It was a good game and all, but I don’t remember anything significant leading into it or any kind of messages that came through there."

(On what he saw from Alvin Bailey last week) "Alvin knows our system. He’s the most versatile guy we have, he can play all the spots. We count on him, he’s got good experience with us, he communicates well with the other players, he’s a smart player. We’re expecting him to do a good job."

(On if Lemuel Jeanpierre gives added flexibility at guard) "Yes, because he has played guard before, he does give us some flexibility there."

(On if he expects Patrick Lewis to be healthy enough to play) "I expect him to be healthy enough, yeah. He did make it through the week."

(On if there’s a reason his record from November-end of the season is so good) "I think it’s about finishing. It is when you turn the corner, the midway point of the season that things can happen in either direction. They’ve gone pretty well for us and we’ve had pretty good history with that. This is a significant opportunity to kick that into high gear again, I hope we can."

(On if he’s sensed a change in the mindset of players) "I don’t think there’s much change. I do think that there’s a growing confidence. I think that they’re feeling the offense, they’re feeling the running game, which is important to our makeup of our team and the attitude. of our team. Having Marshawn [Lynch] back is significant and I think that’s all part of it wrapped together. I’m hoping that we can bank on that and take really good positive steps here. It’s a big opportunity right here coming up before the bye and all, we’d love to get this win and play good football and kick us into the second half on a high note."