Sounders FC

Sounders find relief and more in 1-1 draw

Here’s some of what the Sounders had to say after opening CONCACAF Champions League with a 1-1 draw at Vancouver:


Overview) I didn’t think we played with enough energy on Saturday night, so we wanted to be sure that we came out tonight and played with energy. I thought we showed good energy, we were a lot more aggressive going forward. We looked to play balls behind their defense more. I thought it was good. I thought we were unfortunate to go behind 1-0. At that point of the game I felt we had carried more of the game to that point. Happy to see us get an equalizer. It had been a long time since we had hit the back of the net. Hopefully this is the start of going forward.

On the goal) A little relief. It was definintely good. I felt we just needed one and then some others would come. … I thought we had some decent chances tonight.

On the young players) I thought some guys stepped up and played well. I thought Fisher played really well at right back for us. We wanted to put Roldan in the middle of midfield; I thought Cristian in that role was very, very good. Azira had some good moments as well. Kovar I thought had a good 45 minutes. Even though he’s one of our fittest players he always seems to run out of gas. I don’t know if it’s nervous energy or what. But that’s something that we have to try to resolve. Andy Rose covered a ton of ground tonight.

On the start of CCL) You want to win your games at home and you want to get results on the road. Being able to come up here and get a point is good for us. We’re a team now that’s still searching to get back into our groove, and tonight I think was a big step in that direction.


On his goal) Great. A little bit of relief. Going into the locker room at the half we felt like we should have had a couple. We felt like we were going to get a couple. We didn’t get a couple, but we’re still happy to have one.

On his frustrations) I think after having a few years where I was consistently getting better and statistically it was showing, and then this year has been kind of a standstill for absolutely everybody it seems like. It’s good to get back on the board, and oepfully we can keep this up.

On the team’s emotions after the goal) Obviously we deserved to have a couple of goals in that game, but we were happy to have one. Just relief.

On if one breakthrough goal can lead to more) I think now that it’s kind of off our back and we actually have a goal, it’s nice. Hopefully we can build on it. We definitely had a ton of opportunities


On getting the goal and the point) Sometimes you say a draw feels a little bit more than just a draw. To get the goal, the monkey off the back that’s been there for a while is good. So heads are high.

On the goal) Phenomional. I think everybody was so happy, so excited. Little things like that hopefully can spur you on to better performances, and also you hope to score more goals obviously. … I think it was a goal that we needed so bad just to get things going a little bit, especially to go from 1-nil down and still bag that goal; and a great finish at that: he finds the top corner on a difficult angle. You leave with a good taste and a decent ride home.


On energy from the young players) It was probably the youngest lineup that we’ve put out there in a while, and I think it was guys who were hungry for minutes, hungry to show the coaches that they wanted more playing time. I don’t think there’s one guy out there who should hang their head: A 1-1 result in Vancovuer is a good result. I think it’s baby steps forward at this point.