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Q&A with Troy Perkins: New Sounders keeper promises to compete for job

Here are some highlights from a phone conversation with goalkeeper Troy Perkins, who was introduced today as the newest member of Seattle Sounders FC:

On how the deal came about: It actually came out of the blue to be honest. We were pushing for a deal somewhere else, and at the last minute Seattle came in. At first I wasn’t sure: Going back to the west coast all the way from the east coast is a big move for my family. But at the end of the day, it’s an opportunity at a great club. The opportunity for me to be there and be a part of that is something I really wanted to do.

If Sounders have talked about his role: The only thing I know is that they want me to come and compete. They want me to do everything I can, and at the end of preseason we’ll go from there. If even at that point they stick with who they got, I’m still going to push day in and day out.

On how he feels at age 33: I feel right now that I’m probably in the best fitness shape and physical shape that I’ve ever been, to be honest with you. I think I’ve got many years to go. If you look how long Marcus was still part of the club, hopefully I can play that long; and as well Kasey, Kasey played for a long time and finished his career pretty well. I think it’s a great line of goalkeepers to follow. You couldn’t match yourself to a better heritage.

On extra minutes available through MLS, Open Cup and CCL: There’s a lot of opportunity there, and there are a lot of minutes to be played. It’s certainly a long season, and like I said if at the end of preseason they want to stick with who they’ve got for now, like I said I’m going to fight for the next game and go from there. But at least it’s an opportunity for me, and that’s what I’ve got to be happy with now to still have an opportunity to do what I love and still show myself as a competitor.