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Cuts coming before team leaves for Tucson

The Sounders trained today at Starfire, and they'll be back again tomorrow. But on Sunday, the team heads down to Arizona for two weeks of training and games, and now all of these players will be getting on the plane:

"We’ve got a group of players that have been training with us so far, so we’re making some decisions as to what we’re looking for our roster, and some of the guys are guys that are looking maybe a little more at the S2 roster," coach Sigi Schmid said. "And so that’s conversations we’ll have with guys tomorrow, but definitely this whole group won’t be going to Tucson."

On whether Osvaldo Alonso is traveling: He will eb with us, it’s a question of when he’ll join us. He’s making good progress, but right now it makes more sense for us to keep him here at the outset of the Tucson trip because a lot of the stuff that he’s doing is stuff that he can do inside and we’ve got the antigravity treadmill here that he can start running on sooner than if he went with us to Tucson. And he’ll probably join us in Tucson. When he’ll join us in Tucson I couldn’t tell you. Is it going to be four days into the trip, five days into the trip, a week into the trip, when we feel he’s at a stage when he’s ready to do some work outside and starting to touch the ball, that’s when he’ll join us.