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GM: Sounders aim for Seahawks-like attendance ... at CenturyLink Field

We start today with Lagerwey's take on whether he sees the club spending this next generation at CenturyLink Field, or whether Sounders FC will pursue it's own stadium:

"The answer that I give is forever is a mighty long time, but it’s also pretty tough to argue with a downtown venue that you sell out every game with 45,000 I think or 44,000 that we averaged last year. It’s real tough to deviate from that, to try something different.

"Our first goal is can we grow the audience to 60-something thousand and have it compare on equal footing to a Seahawks audience, and I think that’s a goal that will keep us occupied for a couple of years.

"If at some point you are consistently at that mark, would it makes sense? Sure, it could. But you’d have to get all the politics right, you’d have to get the land right, you’d have to get the building right.

"And again, as an outsider coming into the market, it doesn’t look like it’s very easy to get an NBA or an NHL team here even after you have an agreement to build the stadium. So it’s a difference challenge that the Sounders are already here, but it’s not going to be a short-term thing certainly to pursue our own building, and I think it’s far easier for example to pursue solutions on, for example, the field surface at CenturyLink rather than build a new hundreds of millions of dollars structure."

Tuesday: Lagerwey talks about a different stadium: the one at Starfire.