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GM Part 2: Lagerwey likes Starfire's size ... just wants to sell it out

Here's the second of a six-part series of answers from an interview with Sounders GM Garth Lagerwey. In yesterday's opener, he talked about the first-team Sounders playing at CenturyLink Field. Today, he talks about their home for U.S. Open Cup and S2: Starfire Sports Stadium in Tukwila.

"I actually think that’s a pretty good sized stadium. What I want to do is sell that stadium out. If you can sell that out for S2, what we want it is as an incubator, as a chance to expose our product to people who haven’t been able to maybe get up to Seattle every weekend for Sounders games. … You talk about growing a sport, I’m in soccer in part because my dad played soccer and he took me to soccer games when I was a kid. Now I was one of a very small minority whose dad took me to soccer games. But if we can really make that a big number, then I would say in 20 years I would say success becomes inevitable, and that’s what you want to shoot for, really, is what space can you grow this into in a generation."

Wednesday: A lot more from Lagerwey on other infrastructure issues.