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Long line of praise from Schmid after 6-0 win

Here's some of what Sounders coach Sigi Schmid had to say after his team's 6-0 win over FC Tucson last night in their opening match of the Desert Diamond Cup.

Overview: I was happy with the result. We wanted to start the game off quickly, which we did with the two early goals. So that established a rhythm of the game for us. We gave up maybe a few too many chances I thought in the first half when we were a little bit open. But I was pleased offensively with some of the things we did, the goals we scored: Lamar Neagle, I think the first goal was a really good goal. The second goal was like a 10-pass sequence, so I was happy with that. The second group that came in could have scored more than two as well, but they scored two good goals also.

More on the passing sequences: It’s always good. Anytime you win it’s a positive for your team and anytime you put together passing sequences and get your rhythm of play going, that was the thing we were looking for. Defensively we wanted to hold it to zero, which we did, so we were happy about that, but I still think we have to fine-tune that a little bit. I thought the second half was better for us defensively. I thought (FC Tucson) really didn’t get through all that much in the second half at all.

On the play of the second group: It was good certainly for Kevin Parsemain, because he was coming off an ACL. So it’s his first real test, and I think people could see he’s a pretty clinical finisher. When he gets his opportunities, he finishes chances. So it was good for him. Correa, who is our new left back – we saw him from Colombia – he got forward really well. Kovar, our homegrown player, did some good things. Cristian Rolan is playing better and better all the time. Andy Rose played a deeper role today – we wanted to see him play in a deeper role. And I thought Jimmy Ockford did a great job in the back just when it matters.

On Dempsey coming through for fans who came to see him: People can see what he can do. Oba does a lot of work, and Oba was probably the unluckiest man on the field today because he didn’t get a goal. But … the goal where they combined on the second goal, as a coach you just sit there and say, ‘What do you say? I can’t teach that. We can’t diagram that and show them that: That’s just their instincts and their ability to play off of each other is just so sublime. So I was happy for Clint, happy for the goals that he got because as a goal-scorer you always want to get your confidence there. And Oba will be back on the board as well.

On Mears' role in second goal: What a great cross. One of the things that we felt with Tyrone: It’s tough to replace a guy like DeAndre Yedlin, and you don’t find many guys with that kind of pace; but Tyrone has that ability to get forward and he’s an excellent crosser of the ball, and he showed that on that goal.

More on Mears and the back line: It’s coming along all right. I still think we have to tighten it up. It’s not just the back four. When we defend, it’s everybody; it’s the two midfielders in front of them in the middle making sure we lock down the middle and it’s also the outside guys doing their job. But he’s meshed in very well. The guys really like him. He’s a very accepted part of our team.