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Parsemain: 'Simple goals are always welcome'

Here's some of what Kevin Parsemain had to say Wednesday night after scoring the final two goals of the Sounders' 6-0 win over FC Tucson in their first game of the Desert Diamond Cup"

On the two goals: We came in the game and the other team was already tired. The first players played really well. That was easy for us. When we came in we just had to finish the couple of chances we had. We tried to do what the coach said: If we come in we have to do everything, and even if you have five minutes you have to show something, and all the guys who came in in the second half showed tonight.

On this return from his ACL injury: It’s really special to be back after a long journey like this. Sometimes it’s really hard, but everybody is great, so I feel really confident. So just work hard, and I hope the season is going to be a great season without any injury or issue.

On his two goals: That’s my job, I have to score goals. If I miss them we’re going to say he came in and didn’t perform well. So that’s all I have to do. The guys did a good job. That was really easy for me tonight. I have to enjoy it. These kind of goals – especially when you come back after injury – simple goals area always welcome.