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GM Part 4: Using Sounders' larger resources

Here's the fourth part of our series of questions with new Sounders' GM Garth Lagerwey. (The others show up lower on this blog).

Today, Lagerwey discusses if there relatively low resources available to him at Real Salt Lake bred some habits that he hopes to keep even with a larger-revenue club like the Sounders:

"If you take those good habits and you apply them on a broader scale, that’s actually the only way that you have more resources. If you have more and you squander them, then you’re actually in the same situation you were before, except probably with more pressure and more people wanting you to do better.

I think there’s something too, to winning the title. In Salt Lake we were fortunate enough to do that, and Sigi has won a couple of those in the past, and clearly I think that we have the right team in place here to do that, and that’s the next step. It seems ludicrous to talk casually about that. Anyone that thinks that’s easy, just ask the Seahawks about how easy it is to win titles. But I think that’s what’s incumbent upon us: to try to win an MLS Cup and to try to win the Champions League, and you’ve got to put your team in the best position to do that, and it definitely won’t happen every year. They’ve had a remarkable run of success already, making the playoffs (all six seasons), and you’ve had some pretty high expectations, but I like to think we have basically the same track record that we did at my old job, and hopefully we can take some things from there, combine it with all the people and all the talent here, and hopefully wind up with a better product."